Practicing deep listening, taking a stand for Black Lives, and ACTIONS to take…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

I’m gonna keep this brief for the moment as I’m making it my mission this week to open my ears, widen my heart, get educated, and listen.

This past week has yet again shone a light on the injustices and inequality of our American world.

My heart goes out to all who find themselves in the depths of navigating these rough waters – especially to black people and people of color who have had their trauma and grief reinforced.

This is a vital moment for those of us who are not black to practice the art of deep listening, specifically to black voices, and to follow their lead and learn…

It’s also a moment for us to use our white privilege to amplify the voices of black leaders and change-makers.

I feel deep in my bones that this moment can be a powerful and POTENT opportunity for change.


Many of us are being called to take a deep dive look at our extreme privilege.

We’re being called to give our attention to people of color – and lean into their teachings and experiences so that we can help heal our world for future generations.

And we’re being called to pull on our bootstraps and stand for what we know is right.

I also want to state that not everyone is meant to step forward for the cause by protesting. There are many additional ways that we can collectively stand up for what we believe in in our own individual ways and serve the #blacklivesmatter revolution.

Action is ESSENTIAL for change, so here are a few ideas you can take:

  • Check out these Anti-Racism Resources
  • Educate Yourself on White Privilege 
  • Donate to the George Floyd Memorial Fund
  • Sign Petitions
  • Donate to the Loveland Foundation – providing mental health for black women and girls
  • Check-in on your black friends loved ones and colleagues
  • Have difficult conversations with other white people (this is an action I’m committed to taking) – perhaps start a discussion group or book club centered around anti-racism works to get yourself educated
  • Follow and share about local businesses/artists/causes run by people of color
  • Take this opportunity to dive deeper into your beliefs, hone your mission, and marinate on how it specifically can support the cause at hand. 
All right, friends, that’s all I’ve got in terms of words for now. Thank you for being here, for showing up in your vulnerability, for doing the good work you’re doing, and for standing up for equality, freedom, and justice.
With so much love and in service,


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