The Importance of Walking Your Talk, and Talking Your Walk…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

It’s not enough to just give voice to what we stand for in this life – we’ve gotta fully EMBODY it.

Especially during these wild times – when we’re not physically in person with our communities and are more frequently leading in virtual spaces…our communities can still feel our energetics and witness if we’re walking our talk.

  • If you stand for self-care, prioritize it fiercely.
  • If you stand for compassion, practice self-love.
  • If you stand for healthy eating, cut out the junk.
  • If you stand for mindfulness, treat yourself and others with respect.

This is about owning your values, rocking your mission, and living your leadership full out.

Breathe your mission into ALL of your cells.

Let it permeate deep within your bones.

Let your beliefs and what you stand for be your anchor – your strong foundation.

And when doubt and fear creep into the radar – and they most certainly will, come back to your mission and let your WHY be your driving force.

We gotta walk the talk, and talk the walk, if we want to see the change we desire to see, Queens.

Questions to Ponder…

  1. What do you stand for and what are your core values?
  2. Where do you feel in alignment with those values – where you’re fully walking your talk?
  3. Where could you use some additional nurturing and focused attention and support?
  4. What’s the first right action to take or ritual to create to begin to focus on aligning that area?

Whatever comes through, explore it, practice it, prioritize it…this is not about being perfect, but this IS about leading our lives and our businesses with integrity so that we can truly be the change we want to see in this mother!

All right dear ones, feel free to share your comments and thoughts in the comments, and continuing to send love and well wishes to you and yours,

P.S. Want to take the embodiment of your values to the next level? Join me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm through the SIP order for the Strong Body Love Movement Experience – a yoga/dance fusion class to relieve stress, activate your senses, and ignite your soul. I’d love to have you join me – donations are optional, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. More info HERE! 

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