How to weave more pleasure, creativity and passion into your business (and current Quarantine life)…

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Hello dear community – I’m wishing you a healthy, happy May, and smoother summer months ahead…

May is one of my favorite times of year, and celebrates the themes of our creative expression, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, PASSION, and the earth’s fertility.

Last week I lead an online retreat for the women of the Soulstice Sisterhood Leadership Mastermind celebrating Beltane (the ancient Gaelic festival landing at the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice) and explored what it would look like to weave these themes into our businesses and our current Quarantine lives.

We also started the virtual retreat with a grounding meditation while soaking our toes in our own prepared flowering herbal Foot Bath…cause that’s how we do business here at Strong Body Love. :)

I know the times we’re in are deeply frustrating, scary and are challenging us in so many different ways – AND this time of year presents us with the opportunity to see how we can infuse more pleasure and creativity into the current hand we’ve been dealt. 

Today as we near the full Milk Moon, I invite you to create some intentional space to turn inward journal, build a flower altar, or express yourself creatively as you dive into dreaming up your summer months…

Beltane Questions to Ponder:

1. What makes me feel most creatively self-expressed, passionate, alive?
2. How can I weave more of these passions and pleasures into my daily life and business – especially in the current climate?
3. What boundaries do I need to set so that I can prioritize playing with these themes more frequently?

We also looked forward, planning out the summer months – with flexibility, uncertainty and adaptability in mind… If you’re a solopreneur in this community (or anyone who loves a good Passion Project) I highly recommend diving into these q’s as well!

Spring/Summer Quarterly Planning Questions:

1. What are the 2-3 Summer projects you’d like to focus on?
2. What months of this quarter specifically will these projects take place (May-July)?
3. What aligned steps need to be put in place to move towards that intention? Write all the steps/tasks down, and then break them down monthly. (Each of these tasks can be a single action, so that it can be put into your calendar with no questioning needed.)
4. What energetic elements of the season of Beltane would you like to call on to help support you in birthing these projects? (ie sensual activation, self care, pleasure, passion)
5. What boundaries or structures need to be put into place that would best facilitate your creative process – especially in the climate we’re in? (different boundaries than normal – structure time/or don’t, alone time, self-care time)
6. What next right action or “mini leap” needs to be taken to move you towards this vision?

Alright dear friends, I hope these questions whet your palate and get the juices flowing for more pleasure enhanced days ahead. 

Wishing you so well and sending much love your way,

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