Empowered Actions + Resources for These Trying Times… <3

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Hello dear ones. My heart is going out to each of you and our entire human race as we navigate these trying times.

I, like you, I imagine, have been experiencing ALL the waves of emotion – doubt, uncertainty, sadness, fear, and even moments of joy and beauty.

It’s VITAL that we don’t stifle these emotions and lean into the range of feelings that we’re individually and collectively  experiencing right now.

While this is a time of radical vulnerability, I also believe this is a potent moment for heightened leadership, connection and creativity.

We’re being forced to get creative.

To find new solutions to the structures of our world that aren’t sustainable.

To step forward as the leaders that we’ve been called to BE, and serve from a place of compassionate strength.

This is a moment for becoming more flexible, for rolling with the punches, and tapping deeply into our resilience as the powerhouse humans that we are. 

We knew 2020 was going to be a BIG year – albeit we had no idea that it would look like this. We’re being asked to release attachment to outcome, to lean into impermanence, and to look at our actions – and how we can shift them to make this world a more healthy, whole and just place for all sentient beings.

This is far from easy, but I do believe it’s a wake up call.

And it all starts with us as individuals.

So here are some of the personal responses I’m having to the current situation, and resources for you to lend a helping hand: 

1. I ordered a Zero Waste Box from Terracycle to reduce my personal impact on the waste crisis.

2. When I wasn’t able to get TP from the store, I ordered sustainable bamboo toilet paper from my friend’s company Bippy. They were sold out, but were restocked within a few days. :)

3. Switched from using 4-5 disposable diapers per day to 1-2. It’s not THAT much more work to embrace cloth, and I’ll be using 1000+ less diapers over time!

4. Been getting witchy in the kitchen making immune boosting herbal remedies from medicinal plants that grow on this land and in our garden. Stay tuned on how you can learn some simple DIY herbal recipes too. :)

5. Shifted my in person retreat for the Soulstice Sisterhood Mastermind Spring Equinox Retreat to an experiential virtual format. One thing that’s clear is that NOW more than ever, we need community. We’ll have space to share all the feels, brainstorm creative ideas for cultivating income during these challenging times, and even rock out a virtual dance jam and sound bath…so many things we can do with technology these days.

6. I’ll be going LIVE on FB and Instagram daily next week (m-f) at 1pm PST for a 15 min. #middaybootybreak. We’ll breathe, move, and shake it out. Join me on Instagram HERE.

7. Been working on an online course called Get Your Calm On – a stress-reducing, immune boosting virtual masterclass series for challenging times. It’s a very low investment, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Click HERE to register and join our supportive online community.

8. My mom is now out of work as a substitute teacher – as are so many folks in our country. I’ll be making a donation to her from the funds that comes in from Get Your Calm On, as well as to Feeding America. Join me in the effort to help feed our people in need.

9. Looking into a program that just launched in my local Petaluma community called You Are Not Alone – a volunteer phone program helping elderly folks during the shelter at home period. Check it out if you’re local or see if there’s a similar program in your area.

10. Been really digging the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Live Web Cam. Super calming and you can access it HERE.

11. Planning a virtual 40th bday party in early April with a few of my closest friends! Someone will lead a virtual yoga class, online dance jam, sing along, and a champagne toast. Embracing the need for flexibility and creativity as I enter this new decade!

12. The Spring Equinox is today – and now is the perfect moment for spring cleaning in many different forms… Release what no longer serves from your home, your mind and your body, and some of this heaviness will lift.

13. While at times I find myself feeling frustrated with the Shelter At Home Order, I keep remembering the WHY. By staying at home and Social Distancing, we are literally SAVING LIVES. When you start feeling down, isolated or squirrely, let that WHY be the driving force to stay put.

Alright sweet community, that’s it for now. I’ll be back next week with more resources for you. Until then, I’m wishing you soooo much love, stay safe, and sending you and your loved ones many well wishes.

Always in love and service,

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