Postpartum Autumn… <3

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Hello dear community, I hope to find you well and enjoying Autumn!

I’ve been enjoying the postpartum period, and LOVING getting to know the new little man in my life…and I’m beginning to emerge from the fourth-trimester cocoon and excited to be back “in the office” this week. :)

I’ve been reflecting on these past couple of months, and am in massive gratitude of how my community has shown up for me during one of the biggest transitions of my life.

I’m also grateful for the time I spent cultivating the support I anticipated needing during this vulnerable postpartum phase – a meal train, continued home visits from our midwives/doula, weekly bodywork, a new mama support group, and lots of open communication and support from my sweetheart, David.

When I was initially planning this, I was concerned at not being able to afford the support, but I had the gut feeling that receiving this type of help was what I needed in order to heal more swiftly and dodge sinking too far into the baby blues – so I got creative and raised $1500 from a flash sale of last year’s jewelry pieces to make it happen…so worth it, and big thanks if you purchased one of my jewels during that sale!

I wrote a post recently about the importance of receiving postpartum support… and being on the other side of this has reiterated this importance – whether birthing a human or a passion project into the world.

No matter how you slice it, any type of birth is a challenge, but what makes the postpartum process easier to navigate is having the right community and support in place.

For me, as a new mother, having this community has helped normalize and move through the challenging moments – and this was true also when I was first launching my business, further expanding it a few years later, and when I was in yoga school last year.

When we have other like-minded folks in our radar who are going through similar experiences as we are, it helps us remember that we’re not alone and saves us from the fear-based feelings and doubts that isolation can bring on.

And this is TRULY why I do the work that I do in the world – creating safe spaces for compassionate entrepreneurs and change-makers to let their guards down, brainstorm creatively together, prioritize their self-care, build their confidence, and expand their passion projects with more ease, sustainability, and grace.

As I dive back into my work (in a very part-time way!), I’m SO excited to gear up for the enrollment period for one of my most beloved passion projects – the Soulstice Sisterhood Leadership Mastermind – an 11-month women’s circle and business/passion project mastermind for change-making leaders.

This is the 4th iteration of this holistic circle, (and the 8th long-term group offering that I’m leading) and I am SO stoked to share with you the new additions and shifts this year (so be on the lookout in a couple of weeks for more info on that!)

For the time being, I want to share my gratitude to you all for being here and witnessing the shifts and transformations I’ve been experiencing over the past few months. Thank you for holding space for me as I birthed sweet Quintin into the world – and myself as a mother as well. It’s such a big deal, and can’t wait to share all the insights and discoveries I’m uncovering with you all in the months to come.

Wishing you all a beautiful and rich fall season, and sending love always,


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