Happy Fall Equinox!

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Happy Fall Equinox dear community!

The Autumn Equinox marks the balance between light and dark, and signifies the moment (in the northern hemisphere) where we swing from the lighter months to the darker ones ahead.

It’s a time of deep celebration and gratitude – for what we’ve accomplished thus far and is the harvest season when we’re literally and figuratively reaping the fruits of our labor.

And I’m personally SO grateful to be celebrating the birth of our sweet babe – Quintin Thomas Kucera during this abundant harvest season!

Today is all about pausing to give thanks and gratitude – for your life, your body, what you’ve accomplished, and for those who’ve supported you in getting to where you are today… So when you can carve out a moment, and take some intentional time to drop into these journaling q’s and ritual ideas to help you get the most magic and juice out of this abundant season.

Journaling Q’s For You:

1. What are you currently harvesting?

2. What have you achieved/on track to achieve this year? Write down even the achievements that didn’t look exactly like you thought they would…

3. What have you received?

4. What are you in deep celebration and gratitude of? What’s working what’s, thriving, what do you want to keep going with?

5. What’s something that hasn’t yet come to fruition that you’d like to call in for the remainder of this year?

Fall Ritual Ideas:

  • Take the answers to your journaling q’s and write your celebrations and intentions on leaves that you gather from around where you live. Place the leaves on your fall altar, or take it to the next level by decoupaging the leaves to the outside of a mason jar, then light a candle inside to ignite your celebrations and dreams.
  • Drop into a daily gratitude meditation – in a natural environment, close your eyes, tune inward and meditate on your harvest and what you’re in deep gratitude of this year. Reflect on anything that’s calling for honoring, and of the deep wisdom that resides within you.


We had such a sweet time celebrating the equinox here at my retreat space this past Thurs. eve with the women of the Soulstice Sisterhood – and last Wed. online for our virtual circle…

It was SO soul-nourishing to have these incredible change-making women back on this property post-birth, and to introduce them all in person to our new little love as well!

I hope you’re able to celebrate this special time of the harvest in your own way today – either solo, with your family or even with a small group of friends (or all of the above!), and wishing you a very abundant and celebratory fall!

Sending SO much love and gratitude your way, for being here, and being you,

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