Lammas rituals to shed what doesn’t serve, clean the slate and honor the beginning of harvest season…

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Hello, dear community!

We’re approaching another in between season, the season of Lammas – the halfway point between the summer solstice and fall equinox.

This is the time of year that signifies the first harvest, and when we start to notice the light beginning to wane. (I’ve found it fascinating that this is also right around when my sweet babe is due!)

This season can bring up a lot of resistance too – to the shorter nights, summer coming to a close, school starting, etc.

But it’s also a powerful time of taking stock of how our year’s been unfolding (what’s working and what’s not), how we’ve been showing up, and to reassess and reignite the intentions we set at the start of the year – before Fall’s hustle and bustle energy hits with full force.

Journaling Questions to explore during this period:

  1. Who do you really want to be showing up as in the world? What qualities does she exude?
  1. Call to mind the intentions that you set for yourself at the beginning of this year. Are your actions on track for embodying that vision and showing up in this way?
  1. What structures, habits, and activities need to be stripped away in order to step more fully into that aligned version of you, and into this vision?
  1. How can you begin to shed and let go of the things that need releasing?
  1. From this space of release, what are you declaring to open up to, to say yes to, to step into for the remainder of this year?

Lammas is a powerful opportunity to press pause and go inward for this reassessment – and it’s also a sweet time for some solo ritual as well.

One of my favorites is going on a simple yet very mindful walk in the woods…

  • Take a solo walk in nature – preferably in the woods, or near a stream with lots of trees.
  • Gather straw, leaves or stones at the beginning of your walk.
  •  As you contemplate what you would like to release, give thanks for the lessons and positive intentions that they’ve had for you, then release your symbolic items, one by one, on your own timing – either in a stream, or gently on the earth.
  • Reflect slowly in nature on how the releasing feels, and ground in your ritual in with a closing meditation.

Ok sweet friends, I hope that you reserve some precious moments for yourself during this in-between season and very beginning stages of the inward turn…happy Lammas and first harvest, and sending so much love your way!

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