Happy Summer Solstice – solar empowerment rituals for summertime confidence… <3

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Hello, beautiful community – Happy Summertime Vibes to you all!

Tomorrow is officially the Summer Solstice, the longest day and shortest eve of the year.

This past weekend, here at my workshop space, the women of the Soulstice Sisterhood honored this earth-based holiday with a 2-day retreat, marking the halfway point of our 11-month leadership program…it was an incredibly powerful and heart-opening experience to say the least!

This year, we explored the solar energy of the season by honing advanced skills for empowerment/confidence building, embodying our inner/outer Queen and compassionate boundary setting.

We also explored this solar/yang work from a more yin perspective, infusing a sense of playfulness, JOY, and pleasure into the process.

This coming Friday, on this potent Solstice holiday, I invite you to create your own Summertime ritual and dive into exploring the theme of strengthening your inner and outer Queen confidence as well.

Here are some Summer Solstice ritual ideas to get the inspiration flowing:

1. Create a summer altar with any tokens that represent confidence and any solar-themed items, candles to represent the heat of the season, summer flowers like sunflowers, and infuse it with lots of yellow, oranges and whites to represent the sun at it’s fullest.

2. Dress in all white, and dive into these journaling questions in front of your summer solstice altar.

  • In what areas of my life am I ready for a boost in my Queen confidence? Think, voice, visibility, business, relationships or leadership.
  • Where in my life do I feel most solid in my Queen confidence, and what are my strongest traits?
  • How can I weave my strongest traits and where I feel most confident, into the areas that need a boost?
  • What would it look like to lead my life fully embodying my inner/outer Queen?
  • How would I like to commit to embodying her for the second half of 2019?
  • What would positively shift and shine if I were to lead my life in this way?
  • What am I claiming/declaring/committing to in terms of my leadership, both energetically and physically for the remainder of this year?

3. Create your Queen declaration statement for the 2nd half of this year. What are you claiming/declaring/committing to in terms of your vision and leadership for the later half of 2019? Write out your intentions, then share them out loud with a buddy and ask them to hold you accountable to your vision – thoughts and intentions grow stronger as they’re shared!

Alright, dear friends, I hope you can take some time diving into these ritual ideas this weekend, and sending much love for a healthy, playful, powerful and restorative summer season,

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