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Hello Dear Ones,

Last week I met virtually with the women of the Soulstice Sisterhood for our 3rd Leadership Training call of the year where we explored working with the archetype of the Conscious Queen to boost our confidence and leadership skills.

Now, when I talk about working with the archetype of the Queen, I’m not talking about the Queen of England… I’m referring to this idea of The Conscious Queen – the fierce archetypal energy within that helps us embody ourselves as courageous, confident and compassionate leaders.

This is about uncovering the qualities of this archetype that are already within us, discovering which ones need additional nurturing, and exploring how we can be in that calm, compassionate and confident energy more consistently while holding space for ourselves and our communities.

In a past post I shared a few lessons from this Conscious Queen Archetype, and below are a few more for you to explore and begin to work and play with – not just when you’re facilitating or holding space for others, but also when you’re just going about your daily life.

I hope you enjoy exploring these and that they help you step into your leadership with a stronger sense of integrity and grace – as they’ve done for me through working with these intimately for the past few years!

6 Additional Core Lessons from the Archetype of the Conscious Queen:

  1. The Conscious Queen knows what she stands for, and lives by her mission and her BIG WHY in life. She embodies that mission with integrity and alignment, and comes back to her core values to help anchor her and provide her with a strong foundation as she’s leading herself, her family and the community she serves.
  2. The Conscious Queen leads her life from a place of gratitude and abundance, rather than from a place of lack…even when things aren’t going exactly the way she wants. It doesn’t mean that she’s not susceptible to falling into lack, but she’s able to identify when she’s in that space, utilizes her tools to gracefully move herself through that space, and shifts her mindset to gratitude and what she’s accomplished, rather than what she has not.
  3. The Conscious Queen Responds vs. Reacts when obstacles come her way. When hit with a challenge, she takes space to sit in with that challenge. She allows herself to feel what she feels around it – the discomfort, anger, frustration, worry, etc. She does some release work around that feeling. And she identifies the lesson or positive intention of that challenge… From that space, she’s better able to respond to the situation from a sense of ground, rather than emotionally reacting to what feelings are coming up right there in the moment – resulting in more effective resolutions.
  4. The Conscious Queen doesn’t give into Gossip/Complaining/Criticism or Judgment of herself or others. Again, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t susceptible to these actions, and never thinks judging thoughts (she’s human after all), but rather doesn’t give herself over to the negative banter. If she catches herself engaging in that behavior, she identifies and stops the momentum of it by ending her action…and might even dare to suggest shifting the subject if one of the above actions has come up with a friend.
  5. The Conscious Queen honors her commitments and sees them through.  She shows up with devotion to what she’s said she’s going to do for herself and others. If a current commitment isn’t working for her or flowing, she acknowledge and gives voice to that, offers the space and time for it to course correct, and gets curious about coming up with creative and empowered solutions for the commitment to shift into better alignment. When the time is ripe, she may let go of a commitment, but after she’s put the work in and looked at options for getting the commitment into alignment.
  6. The Conscious Queen is not afraid to set strong boundaries. She clearly communicates what’s working and what’s not working with her community – even when it feels uncomfortable, and she sets strong, loving and realistic boundaries around her time, energy, and what’s expected of her.

I invite you to circle or star 1-2 of these 6 that feel like they could use some additional nurturing or focused support around (or any others that speak to you on the previous post) and ask yourself, what’s the first right action to take to begin to nurture that area?

You can also ask yourself, what’s 1 creative ritual that you can weave into your daily life to focus some energy and attention on that area.

For example, if you circled lesson #4, perhaps you go on a gossip / complaining / criticism + judgment detox for 2 weeks. Make a sign to remind you of your detox, and every time you find yourself giving into the negative banter, get up and move your body, and stop the momentum of that engagement.

All right dear friends, feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or comments on any of this (or share them below in the chat), and would love to hear which of these lessons are resonating for you and what you’re committing to moving forward.

Sending much love and enjoy the rest of the week,

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