Spring Ritual Ideas and some VERY exciting news… <3

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Happy Spring Dear Community!

Today, I went out to the garden to see what was popping up – radishes, peas, poppies, beets…and inside the veggie starts are singing and happy. This is one of my favorite practices of the seasons – to welcome all the new plant friends and beings that are beginning to emerge. :)

I love the freshness, aliveness and nurturing energy of the Spring season – and all of the excitement as we shift from the darkness into the light.

And at times, there’s SO much excitement that it can be easy to get swept up by it – so it’s important for us to maintain a sense of ground and stability as we enter the young and fresh energy of this time of year.

We discussed this idea last week at our Solstice Sisterhood Spring Equinox Retreats, as well as the theme of infusing more PLEASURE and nurturing energy through self-care into our days. See below for some journaling and ritual ideas for you to play with this Spring. <3

I also shared some very BIG news at both our in person and virtual gatherings…that I’m also personally stepping into a new cycle and season of my life right now – of motherhood. :)

My hubby David and I are expecting our first child this August – right at the first harvest of Lammas (the halfway point between the Summer Solstice + Fall Equinox), and we’re very much looking forward to this new phase of our lives.

Photo of me at the Kauai Farmers’ Market on our “babymoon” the other week.

I’ll share more on this as the pregnancy progresses, and yes…lots of newness and lots of fresh vibes all around!

As you begin to open up to and welcome in Spring this week – I invite you to choose one (or all!) of these Spring Ritual ideas to play with, and spend some time journaling on the idea of infusing more pleasure and self-care into your days.

Spring Equinox Pleasure Ritual Ideas:

  • Make DIY flower crowns (this is what we created at our gathering and was SO so sweet).

  • Practice reciprocity by planting seedlings/scattering wild-flower seeds (we also rocked this ritual out at our equinox gathering, in the full moonlight, in our Queen crowns.) :)

  • Create a nourishing foot bath with warm water, essential oils, salt, and flowers.

Journaling Questions To Consider:

  1. As we move into the season of Spring, how would you like to feel?
  2. What are the places in your daily life where pleasure feels blocked?
  3. What keeps you from infusing more pleasure and beauty into these experiences or your life?
  4. How can you begin to bring more pleasure into your days?
  5. What will begin to open up and blossom when you are operating from this space?
  6. What are 1-3 actions/rituals you can create to experience more pleasure in your life?

Alright, dear soul! ENJOY the freshness of this season and I invite you to get curious about how you can make it feel most pleasurable to you…

Sending so much love, and may our bodies and souls be nourished with the newness of Spring,

P.S. I’m gearing up for our next Passion Project Co-Working Day at my Petaluma retreat space, The Barn, this coming Friday 3/29 from 930 – 430 – think meditation, movement, focused work blocks and lots of time to connect with other local like-minded ladies. I’ll only be offering 2 more of these days before my due date and would LOVE to have you and connect with you in person. You can join us at and if you can only make it for a half day, message me and we most likely can work that out for you as well. <3

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