The importance of taking time offline…

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Hello dear community! I hope to find you well and enjoying the beginnings of Winter. <3

This is one fast-paced world we’re living in…especially round the holiday, right?The pace of the world is much faster than when I was a kid, and the momentum’s only gonna keep revving up.

But only if we let it.

Because it’s up to us to set the pace of our lives and discern where our precious energy goes…

For me, this has been a FULL production fall – producing a small scale music + art festival, completing my Yoga Teacher Training certification and filling a new circle of the Soulstice Sisterhoodamong dealing with the repercussions of wildfire smoke and other things…

I knew that right about now I was gonna need a recharge, so Dave and I decided to road trip last week to our special place where we got hitched in Trinity County, for 5 full days of much needed OFFLINE R&R.

It’s one thing to go on a vacay. And it’s another to go on a fully offline break.

There’s a time and place for it all, but I HIGHLY recommend weaving some offline white space into your calendar moving forward.

Weave it in for:

* Circadian rhythm restoration
* Better sleep
* More time for creative projects
* Quality time with your loved ones
* Strengthening your relationship w/self
* Restoring your reserves
* Freeing your mind

The list goes on and on…

You don’t have to go away or on vacation to go offline either…last year I went on a holiday social media detox during our staycation, which did this body and soul some major good.

If you were to take 5-7 days offline, what would that freed up energy allow for you to do and create? 

What boundaries do you need to put in place so that you can go fully offline, or at least off your social networks?
When would you like to do it? Create that whitespace in your calendar now (even if it’s just for a day) and get ready to relax on a deeper level this holiday season. <3

Feel free to share your plans by hitting reply to this email, and I’ll look forward to reading and to hold you accountable – it’s soooo important to give ourselves these types of breaks!
 All right dear friends, so much love to you and sending lots of restorative winter vibes your way!

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