Happy Winter Solstice – Rituals for You…

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Happy Holidays and Winter Solstice dear Community!

The Winter Solstice is officially tomorrow and is a time of rebirth, new beginnings, rest, healing and dreaming.

While the darkness will still reign for a few months more, the light will begin to expand on Saturday, and the dark nights will indeed begin to get shorter.

During this season of winter, we have a strong need to hibernate, sleep longer, dream and heal.

This is also a time of deep reflection over our past year, and to notice and acknowledge all of the transformation that’s been unfolding in our lives…

The women of the 2018 Soulstice Sisterhood had an incredible final Winter Solstice gathering last week to honor this ancient seasonal festival of the sun, and would love to share with you some of the themes we dove into at that gathering…enjoy!

Winter Solstice Journaling Questions For You To Explore:

Reflect on what has come to fruition this year – what would you like to honor?

What have been your deepest lessons and gems you’d like to savor from 2018?

What are you birthing into the world and who are you becoming in 2019?

What themes are on your radar for 2019?

What is your word or phrase of the year?

Winter Solstice Ritual Ideas For You:

1. Perhaps you create a Winter Altar decorated with pine cones, candles, angels, bells and berries…think colors of red, white, gold, green and silver.

2. Fire Release: Write down all that you would like to release from 2018 (fears/ what’s holding you back/ what do you want to let go of) on a piece of paper, wrap it up with herbs like pine, rosemary or sage, and release into your fire place… watch the burn it away and transform it into something new.

3. Claim your word of the year: Write your word of the year on something beautiful (pinecone with ribbon, into a glass ornament, wooden cut out/ornament, a stone, etc. Claim this word, work with it and allow it to work on you throughout the year as you commit to your intentional growth in the year ahead.

Whatever you choose to dive into this Winter Solstice, I invite you to take a little intentional time to honor yourself and all of your accomplishments from 2019…there are so many, even if we don’t think it at times!

Lastly, I want to thank you SO much for being a part of this community this year – please know I’m wishing you a very celebratory, peaceful and restorative holiday season, and a thriving new year ahead. <3

Sending SO much love and deep gratitude your way,

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