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Hello Dear Community,

Midday yesterday smoke started wafting thickly into Petaluma…

I immediately dialed 911 and learned of the massive “Camp Fire” that had just unleashed in Butte County.

Later yesterday, I learned of yet another mass shooting and gut-wrenchingly witnessed one of the victim’s mothers pleading for gun control…

I also found myself celebrating the 100 women heading to Congress.

It’s moments like these when I pause and am reminded of how crucial it is for us to keep moving forward, and for those of us being called to utilize our voices to create a more just world, to do so.

The hard truth though, is that many women hearing that call aren’t answering it.

And they have good reason…they’re not answering it for fear of judgment, not feeling smart enough, not feeling worthy enough and sometimes not feeling safe enough to do the work they’re being called to do on a larger scale, and in a more aligned and sustainable way.

And believe me, I get it… I’ve been there in many of these ways, I’m still there in certain aspects of my life, and that’s why I’m committed to continuing to do the work.

Whether it be your activism, your heart-centered business, the team you lead or your beloved family, I strongly believe that NOW more than ever is the time for us to strengthen our leadership – so that we can create a new paradigm of love and justice for all on this planet, and to be the shining example of the change that we want to see in the world.

It’s definitely a work in progress… and this is WHY this year we’re infusing seasonal core leadership training into this next round of the Soulstice Sisterhood.

You can CLICK HERE to learn more about our supportive circle. <3

This yearlong experience isn’t just about creating the space for inner healing through self-care, the seasons + cycles of nature, embodiment practices and deepening our spiritual growth – but it’s also focused on standing confidently in your power as a women, fully claiming your self-worth, moving through old doubts + fears, and living in alignment with your core-values so that you cultivate the courage to play FULL OUT and make a greater positive impact for the communities you serve.

I believe that building and strengthening our capacities to lead is most effective within the container of a supportive community, hence why I’m such a HUGE advocate of women’s circles – because these women, who will become like sisters to you, will lovingly stretch you out of your comfort zone and help you expand in ways you never thought possible. 

Some of the most loving, conscious, supportive, change-making women from around the country are coming together for this – we’re over halfway filled for this circle, and I’m so excited to invite you to be part. <3

This experience is all about leading our lives in a way that’s balanced, sustainable, compassionate and strong for years to come – and our intention collectively as a community is to create more safe and supportive spaces like these, and to spread the importance of sisterhood and women in leadership far and wide. 

We are taking applications through next Tuesday 11/13, and the doors for enrollment into our circle closes on Friday 11/16, so if this is speaking to you in any way, I invite you to CLICK HERE to apply to join us.

After you fill out your application, I’ll reach out to you to set up a phone convo (without any attachment on my part) to see if this is an aligned fit for you in the coming year…

Alright, dear soul, I look so forward to connecting in with you and so hope you can join in on the magic that we’re creating in this circle… we’d be honored to have you join us for the incredible journey ahead.

With love and gratitude always,

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