The importance of rooting into your WHY… <3

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Hello dear ones, I hope to find you well and enjoying the last couple weeks of this speedy summer.

I have a more reflective post for you this week – with some exciting news and a journaling prompt at the end – I hope you enjoy… <3

I’ve been practicing the ancient art of yoga for nearly 20 years, and nine years ago I was REALLY close to getting certified…

But the school I was looking to join was holding the first weekend of their training during one of my best friends weddings back in my hometown of Quincy, IL, and the school wouldn’t let anyone miss a weekend of the training.

I met my now hubby at that wedding, so needless to say that clearly wasn’t the right timing for yoga teacher training – and hasn’t been since, until now. :)

I’m SO excited to be initiated into the wise spiritual, mental and physical practices of yoga…and to weave this sweet practice into future offerings and retreats here at Strong Body Love.

I had my first deep dive this past weekend – led by my dear teacher and friend Rosemary Garrison, in collaboration with my good friends at The Pad Studios.

I met Rosemary 12 years ago at the spa I was working at as a massage therapist, International Orange.

Yoga and her class was there for me during some of the most challenging and transformational periods of my life to date – a cross-country move, a massive break up, my “Saturn Return” – and then later as I built a new business, got hitched, navigated my husband’s illness, moved from city to country, and everything in between.

After working at International Orange for 3 years, I was asked by the owners of a brand new yoga studio opening up in the city, The Pad Studios, to practice massage out of their space.

I was nervous as hell because this would mean taking the leap from working at the spa as an employee to launching my own massage practice. That truly was the launch of my full-time entrepreneurial career and I’ve never looked back.

So needless to say, this training feels very full circle for me…

And it’s so sweet to get certified by folks who’ve been so pivotal in my personal and professional growth, and I feel humbled and grateful for the opportunity to dive deep into this practice that has served me so well over the past 18 years.

I’ll finish with a little ditty I wrote at YTT after Rosemary asked us WHY we practice yoga.

This question is foundational in the work that I do with my clients as a women’s leadership coach, and I encourage you to ask yourself this same question in regards to your business, your hobbies, and your loves – to help ground and root you into your WHY.



Why I practice Yoga:

I practice yoga, because it opens my heart, it releases my thinking mind, and allows for me to remember the truth of who I am at the core – as a spiritual soul embodied in a fast-paced material world.

I practice yoga because it helps me come back to center, ground into my foundation and feel like myself again. 

I practice yoga because it’s been there for me, consistently, as a healing modality and friend during the challenges I’ve navigated thus far in my life – and because I know it will continue to be here in one way, shape or form for me for the rest of my days on this earth.

I practice yoga because it is an intelligent ancient practice, and creates space for me to live more sustainably…

And I practice yoga because its root is in LOVE, and because I LOVE it! <3

Ok dear friends, I invite you to write a little poem or letter about your WHY for whatever practice, hobby or creative project you’re currently embarking on, and sending much love your way!

Always with love,

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