A potent time of reflection and reassessment – late summer rituals for you… <3

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Hello dear community!

Well, if you haven’t already noticed, the days are getting a little shorter and the nights, a little longer…

These past few weeks I’ve been reflectively celebrating this in-between season of Lammas – the rough halfway point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox, and the time of year that we begin to notice the light beginning to wane. 

This season can bring up a lot of resistance – to the shorter nights, summer coming to an end, school starting, etc.

But it’s also the beginning of the harvest period (loving what is coming out of my garden right now, for sure!), and is a powerful opportunity to reassess the intentions we set at the start of the year.

We’re 5 weeks out from the official start of autumn, so during this period of in between, I recommend taking stock as we begin the inward turn – and before the fullness of fall hits.

Journaling Questions to explore during this period:

  1. What intentions did you set at the start of this year? Are your actions on track for embodying this vision?
  2. What habits need to be stripped away or shaken off in order to align with your vision?
  3. How can you begin to release and shed those things that need releasing?
  4. What are you declaring to step into, and how would you like to feel for the remainder of this year?

This in-between period is a powerful opportunity to press pause and go inward for this reassessment, so I encourage you to spend some introspective time this week or next to dive into these q’s.

You also may want to consider weaving some ritual into the mix.

I recommend creating a simple Lammas altar to help anchor and ground you – for colors think oranges, yellows, ambers, and for items think grains, straws, late fall flowers, stones, candles, and your intentions.

Another ritual I suggested to the Soulstice Sisterhood women’s circle that I lead is to take a releasing walk in the woods. Gather stones at the beginning of your walk, contemplate what you’d like to release, and assign what you’re releasing to a stone. Give thanks for the lessons then release your symbolic items one by one, followed by a reflective meditation in nature.

Ok sweet friends, I hope that you enjoy these rituals and this in-between season…sending much love your way, and feel free to keep me posted on your rituals and declarations for the remainder of this year…would love to hear!

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