4 Tips for a Successful Social Media Detox

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A couple times a year I like to go on a full-on social media detox, and last week I completed a two-week run.

While I appreciate and enjoy social media platforms for many reasons, at times I still fall into the common addictive traps – checking more than I need, scrolling more than I want to, posting when I’m not really feeling it because I feel I should, etc.

And at times I find it exhausting!

The truth is that our devices and SM platforms have been strategically designed to be insanely addictive – and it is up to US to take back the reigns of where our energy goes.

The response doesn’t have to be taking ourselves off of these platforms completely, which I myself am tempted to do at times, but rather to create better boundaries for ourselves while utilizing them.

Taking time off technology helps me connect more deeply with the present moment, and helps me stop concerning myself with the likes or the followers, and enjoy the people and beings I come in contact with in real time.

It gives me the space to reset, ground and create more awareness around how I’m spending my time – and to remember WHY I’m choosing to be online in the first place – to inspire creativity and touch someone’s life who might benefit from hearing what I have to say. 

With that being said, I’m curious, are you ready to go on a Social Media or Digital Detox?! If so, here are a few tips that can help:


You can let your community know you’re signing off (or not), then don’t post or get on Instagram, FB or your platforms of choice for a few days to a few weeks. The longer the time, the more chance of creating new long lasting patterns.


Remove all SM apps from your smartphone during your detox so that you eradicate the temptation to check.


Block schedule time in your calendar when to post, and get clear on what you’ll share ahead of time. Or post spontaneously in the moment, but limit to only once a day, or whatever feels most aligned for you.


Since my detox, I’ve given myself the challenge to only respond/comment to folks or check my profile when I GET ONLINE to post. This is wiping out the energy-sucking scrolling and “like-checking” and makes me feel empowered and consciously aware of how I’m choosing to utilize the platform to my degree of preference.

Taking a detox of this nature really allows for us to assess our addictive tendencies on technology, re-pattern our habits, take back control of our time and energy, and it feels so good to come back refreshed, with stronger boundaries in place.

The long of it is – I HIGHLY encourage a social media detox friends – it will do your body and soul some MAJOR good!

And before I sign off, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject… Do you agree? Have you ever taken an SM detox? Thinking about it? Feel free to hit respond to this email and let me know. <3

Always with love,

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