DIY Summer Herbal Recipes to infuse more JOY + creativity into your life…

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I’m all about infusing more joy and playfulness into my life – especially during these light-filled summer months.
And one of the ways I love doing this is by spending time in my garden and getting creative with homegrown herbs.

I truly love our garden – not only for what it provides for us physically but also energetically and spiritually.

For the tender process of watching these sweet, tiny seeds grow into big, billowing plants – bearing food for us to eat, and then, seed again.

For the reciprocal nature of the relationship.

For the unearthing and the giving back.

For the communion.

In the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, she says “a garden is a way the land says, I love you”.

I fully believe that, and I’m grateful for the fact that both my dad and my hubby Dave’s dad taught us how to get closer to the Earth by gardening growing up.

That being said, I’m excited to share two SUPER simple and fun DIY Herbal recipes inspired by our late spring/early summer garden, to infuse more JOY into your summer months. <3

Flowering Herbal Ice Cubes

This past weekend I made these sweet little herbal ice cubes to serve with my summer mocktails – talk about a serious JOY booster!

For these cubes, I used homegrown violet and calendula, but feel free to get creative…mint, lemon balm, flowering thyme, geranium – the sky is the limit to what you can create.

  1. Harvest your Herbs/Flowers.
  2. Place the plant material at the bottom of your ice cube tray.
  3. Gently fill the tray with water.
  4. Poke down the herbs a bit so that the plant material is slightly submerged under the water.
  5. Freeze and add to summer cocktails, mocktails or your beverage of choice.

Just make sure any flowers/herbs you use are edible and well sourced, and you’re good to go!

DIY Infused Honey

Infused honey is super simple to make – for this one we used roses from our backyard (non-sprayed) rosebush…but again, feel free to let your creativity run wild! Some of my faves include lavender, lemon-thyme, sage, and violet…

  1. Fill a mason jar 3/4 of the way full with your herbs or edible flowers.
  2. Pour in raw honey to cover, stir with a chopstick, and seal with the lid.
  3. If using fresh herbs let steep for three days, turning a few times throughout the day, and if using dried plant material, let steep for at least a week or so.
  4. Strain with cheesecloth or a nut milk bag, and enjoy the magic…

These are for sure, some of the yummiest ways to take you herbal medicines, and a reminder to work with flowers/herbs you’ve grown yourself or that haven’t been sprayed.

* For dried options, Mountain Rose Herbs has stellar sustainable selections.

All right beautiful people, have an awesome early summer weekend and sending so much love your way!


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