Dance Jams & Spring Celebrations (You’re Invited!)

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Hello beautiful people! I hope to you well and enjoying the excitement and fresh vibes of Spring… <3

A couple weeks ago I spent a week at the magic-filled Esalen Institute celebrating a new revolution around the sun with Yoga Queen Shiva Rae. We dropped into yoga, meditation, massage and dance daily – and it felt SO freaking good to nourish my body with so much yummy movement.

It reminded me that connecting intentionally with our body temple is one of the quickest shortcuts to move through fear, doubt and limiting beliefs, and to get us into an energetic space where we feel confident to take positive action in our lives and in our businesses.

It reminded me that dancing and moving our bodies help us to remember who we are at a CORE level.

It gets our creative juices flowing, inspires clarity and ignites our VITALITY.

It turns on our PLEASURE and JOY – releases endorphins and oxytocin – and helps us feel like US again.

Not to mention countless other health benefits for the mind, body and soul…

That being said, I got hit with inspiration on a few different levels post retreat.

The first thing that came through was to create a dance challenge on Instagram called the #middaybootybreak

I kept asking myself how I could continue my commitment to embodiment and dancing daily post retreat, and this challenge was the answer…and it’s been a BLAST.


Until the end of April, set a timer daily for sometime ideally in the middle of your day (but anytime will work!), pump up the volume on a song you love and get up offa’ that thing and dance til you feel better. :)

And this isn’t required of course, but if you feel inspired to share your video on IG, Tag #middaybootybreak and @strongbodylove  and any folks you’d like to join – and we’ll bust through the midday slump together.

Bonus points if you wrangle your co-workers. <3

Join our Challenge HERE:

The 2ndpiece of inspiration that came through for me was to hold a Women’s Circle + Full Moon Dance Jam on the PINK full moon – it’s this coming Sunday eve, 4/29 from 730-10, and will happen here in Petaluma at my workshop space nestled on 22 acres of expansive Sonoma County land.

I lead these dance jams at all of my retreats, but it’s not often that I offer them solo style to the public, and I’m so excited to share this with you!

I’m also pumped, in honor of the upcoming Celtic fire festival Beltane, to hold a closing fire pit ritual after our dance jam – igniting our inner creative fire under the full pink moon as a strong collective…gonna be so flippin’ good and I’m so excited for this.

I would love and be honored if you’re in the Bay Area to have you join our supportive community of mover, shakers and change-makers HERE – and get ready to leave feeling rooted, confident, in your creative power and full of feminine joy.

And if you’re not local, I suggest taking some time out on Sunday to journal, dance, meditate or take a full moon bath that eve to connect into the creative and passionate energy of this coming moon.

Alright beautiful friends, sending so much love your way, and cheers to the wildly expansive energy of Spring!

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