The Art and Importance of Creating a Home Seasonal Altar

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Whether you’re still freezing your buns off on the East Coast, or experiencing the unseasonably warm Springtime bliss here in California, the waxing of the light and dawning of Spring is indeed upon us!

Last week I hosted our first virtual retreat gathering of the Soulstice Sisterhood on the ancient festival of Imbolc on the Wheel of the Year.  Imbolc marks the midpoint between Winter and Spring, and focuses on the themes of purification, planting seeds, welcoming back the light, and setting intentions for new beginnings.

We also explored the art of seasonal altar creation, and wanted to share some tidbits with you so that you can create one at home or refresh yours if it’s needing some refreshing!

An altar is an energetic focal point and an intentional container to gather your dreams, wishes and prayers… It’s also a strong reminder of what you’re calling into your life, and can act as an anchor and foundation for your daily rituals to take place.

And creating a seasonal altar specifically can help you feel more in tune with nature and the cycle of the seasons…SO so important!

Creating your at home altar can be super simple – you can use special items that you have on hand, or can easily find for free from mama nature herself – think crystals, stones, feathers, leaves, candles, photos, plants, flowers, sage, shells, or any other sacred items.

You can pop up an altar in your bedroom, on an end table or dresser, a mantle, or honestly, even on top of your printer – like the one I have right next to me on my printer in the workshop!

You can also set one up outdoors – think old stumps, on stones, or in hollow nooks of trees – just like that book, Little Altars Everywhere… :)

This weekend, I invite you to create some space to find a special place for your seasonal altar – or refresh your existing one, and infuse it with the energies and themes above, and of the intentions you hold for this in between season.

Also, feel free to share it your altar ideas with me by emailing a photo of your altar, or post a pic of yours on your Instagram and tag @strongbodylove – would love to witness what it is that you create! <3

Alright beautiful soul, happy altar creation, and sending so much love your way!

ps, Our in person circle of the Soulstice Sisterhood is filled, but do still have a few spaces remaining in our new Virtual Track. If this work of cycling more intentionally with the seasons of nature, and diving into ritual, ceremony, creative + embodiment practices, and coming together in supportive sisterhood speaks to you, I invite you to fill out the application on the page at the link above, and I’d be happy to hop on the phone with you to discuss the possibility of you joining our supportive circle. It’s SO good and would be honored to have you join us! <3

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