How do you want to FEEL in 2018?

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Hello dear community, I hope that you had restorative holiday the week before last and that you’re enjoying the dance into the darkness of winter… <3

With the recent fires in Nor Cal and now in So Cal, and the intensity happening all across the world, I keep coming back to how supportive communities are SO needed right now – how imperative it is to gather, heal and encourage each other to keep moving forward with our vision for a better world.

I also feel that MANY of us are hearing the call to uncover the ANCIENT WISDOM our ancestors paved for us in times past.

I think we’re at a time in history where SO many of us are yearning for a simpler life…with more JOY, intention and connection.We’re tired of feeling isolated, we’re done feeling too busy to get to what REALLY lights us up, and we’re ready to move on from going through the motions, numbing out and holding back our truth.

Many of us are feeling called to slow down, and create more pleasure, MAGIC, abundance and purpose in our lives by coming back to the basics – like cycling closely with nature, prioritizing self-care, moving our bodies freely, restoring our creativity, and creating more meaning through ritual and sacred ceremony.

For me, moving out of the city 2 years ago to the Sonoma Co countryside was a big declaration of this desire to slow down, and working intentionally with the seasons and cycles of nature has helped me take it to the next level (cause believe me you can busy yourself beyond measure out here in the sticks too!)

Through the profound healing that I’ve experienced in circle, and working with the cycles and seasons of nature and our bodies, I’ve been called to host a WINTER SOLSTICE inspired Evening Retreat on 12/12 – open to any and ALL self-identified women, with the intention to come together and give back to ourselves as, leaders, entrepreneurs, mamas, care-takers and space-holders during these wild times.

The eve will be a flow of meditation, dance, sound healing, a powerful Winter Solstice ritual, massage, live music and a farm-to-table winter feast – it’s going to be a potent and healing evening, and SO looking forward to it.

And while joining us just for the day will be a massive reset, I’ll also share more about the yearlong Soulstice Sisterhood women’s circle that many of the powerhouse women of this community have been part of this year. We’re nearing completion of our first yearlong cycle along the Wheel of the Year (it has been AMAZEBALLS!), and gearing up to begin the next round in Feb (available this year virtually, as well as in person)… so I’ll share a little more on that at the event too. <3

I’d be SO honored to have you join us, and I’m extending to you in my newsletter community the opportunity to join at $50 off the investment until this coming Friday12/8. HERE is the link to learn more about the retreat, and HERE is the discount link for you to secure your space in our circle.

Regardless of if you’re able to join us on Tuesday, or not, I do invite you to carve out some time for yourself in the next few weeks, perhaps on either the new moon on Dec. 18th or the actual Solstice on the 21st, to drop into some deeper inquiry.

Ask yourself these powerful questions:

  • What do I want to own, honor and celebrate in terms of my accomplishments from this past year?
  • How do I want to feel in 2018?
  • What is the energy that I want to lead with and exude to my community and family in the coming year ahead?

And then I invite you to distill your answers down into one word, a word that can help anchor and ground you in 2018.

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