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Hello dear community –

I’ve missed you over these past couple of weeks – however what’s felt most true for me has been to sit with my thoughts and feelings for a moment and process the intensity of all that’s been happening in our world as of late.

The political state of affairs, the physical upset of our planet, and the intense Eclipse and Retrograde energy over this past month has been unsettling for so many of us – my heart goes out to everyone who’s been struggling and hurting during this deeply tumultuous time.

On a personal level, there was a field fire at the farm next door to our home last week. 

I was sitting here in the workshop, focusing on writing copy for my new website coming out this fall – heard the sirens and planes and didn’t think much of it.

But then I started smelling smoke – I walked outside and a huge cloud of black smoke was lying overhead.

The panic and fear kicked in – I called 911, started grabbing stuff, and started to cry.

Luckily the crew got the fire contained quickly, everyone was ok, but that was really close to home.

I was able to recalibrate my nervous system after that experience, because I’ve had the privilege of learning the tools of meditation, deep breathing, and self care – and also had the means to go buy a $7 gluten-free beer to take the edge off.

But this isn’t the reality for most people on the planet…for so many of our human brothers and sisters, living in this state of fear and panic is their everyday norm.

That’s why it’s SO important, for those of us who have the privilege to use our voices to create positive social change, to do so.

And for those of us who have the resources, to give back to others who are in need and are suffering – give money, give your time, go outta your way, be active in your communities, bust out of your comfort bubble, serve in the communities who need it most.

These intense experiences have had me thinking more and more about how I can give back with more intention and impact, and more frequently.

I’m looking into volunteering at a Juvenile Detention Hall, and with the new Strong Body Love website launching in a few months, we’re also launching a Giving Back program where we’ll feature a new non-profit each month – we’ll donate to the organization, interview the CEO and feature the heart-centered organization on our blog and website to create more awareness.

We’re still working on our 2018 lineup – so if you have a beloved non-profit that you feel we should consider featuring, please email me at and we’ll look into sharing their cause with our community.

Before signing off, here’s a few ways that you can start giving back today with the current state of affairs. Every little bit counts and a lot of small donations equal big change over time:

1. The war on hate isn’t over, Donate to The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) here: Donate to Disarm Racial Injustice Now

2. Download this powerful guide that outlines 10 strong actions you can take to disarm hate.

3. Donate to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy for our brothers and sisters struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

These are just a few suggestions – and I encourage you to think about how you can start giving back in different ways – ways that inspire you, and make a bigger impact for all of us for the better.

Sending so much love your way,

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