The Importance of Bursting Out of Your Comfy Bubble…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

The bubble… you know the cocoon that keeps us comfy, cozy, safe?

Yeah, it’s time to burst outta that.

I just got back to the Bay Area from my annual “Midwestern Tour” – 5 Midwestern cities in 10 days.

And while in my hometown, Quincy, IL – I decided to burst outta my California bubble and lead a women’s circle – in a place where they virtually don’t exist.

You see, where I live now and where I’m from are similar in many ways – rural, river towns with a family forward focus…but COMPLETELY different in terms of socioeconomic and political views.

And that’s all well and good… but what isn’t so choice is the intensity of our nation’s STRONG divide – the one that’s been there all along, but has seemed to become more amplified post election.

What isn’t alright is the incessant trash talking of “the other side” that I witnessed post election on FB… the misunderstandings, the cruelty, the shaming, the judgment.

So, back to the women’s circle… let me be clear here – shifting one’s political view was NOT the intention of holding this event. But rather, it was the strength of the divide that inspired me to burst out of my comfy California cocoon and spark conversation elsewhere.

Conversations around topics that I feel deeply matter, and can help bridge the gap between us.

Topics like, Compassion, Empathy and Kindness.

It’s my belief that cultivating MORE conversation around these topics – and creating MORE platforms where folks of all walks and paths can come together, may have the capacity to help us break down the barriers, heal and begin to find common ground despite our differences.

I know it feels good to hang tight in our bubbles and be surrounded only by folks who get us and are speaking our like-minded language (and for good reason for those targeted harshly by racism and hate).

But this isn’t what is going to bridge the divide and create a sense of Unity in our nation and world at large.

What it’s going to take is opening up the conversation around COMPASSION – cultivating a deeper understanding that we are ALL on this journey navigating the mystery of life TOGETHER – breathing the same air and walking on the same Earthen soil.

Around EMPATHY – putting ourselves in the shoes of “the other” and understanding how their upbringing inspired them to have the beliefs and values that they hold… that if we were brought up differently, we’d have a different framework, and would most likely ALL hold an entirely different viewpoint on life.

And Around KINDNESS – becoming more aware of our words and actions, and choosing to act with kindness towards our human brothers and sisters, instead of with cruelty.

So I’m curious… How do you feel you can begin to burst out of the bubble you’re in? Perhaps it’s going back to your hometown to hold a talk… or researching an area of the country you’ve never been to and holding a circle or event there.

Whatever comes to mind for you, I encourage you to explore it and consider how you can begin to burst out of your current bubble to create some serious positive change.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and sending lots of compassion, empathy and kindness your way!

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