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I LOVE this time of year… the rawness, the wildness, the excitement, the ALIVENESS.

Last week at the Solstice Sisterhood women’s circle that I lead, we celebrated Beltane – the cross-quarter festival on the Wheel of the Year located between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

We had SO much fun at this gathering – meditating, dancing, journaling, making flower essences + flower crowns, eating lots of nourishing food and listening to LIVE music.


Beltane is all about honoring the wild and fertile energy of Spring, and at our gathering we focused on connecting in with our passions, our creativity and what makes us feel most fully self-expressed in our lives, businesses and leadership. 

For many of us as women, our sexuality, creativity, passions and self-expression has been repressed and lying dormant – not just over the winter months, but historically for thousands of years now…and with the influx of technology, we’re witnessing another wave of that repression.

So with the exciting and exuberant energy of this time of year, it’s time for a RECLAMATION – a reconnecting with our raw and true nature through dance, song, sound, nature and ceremony.

When we take the time out of our busy schedules to connect in with our creativity and create intentional rituals in our daily lives, we open up space for healing, restoring harmony and balance to our system – and living a more joyful life in alignment with our core values. 

So with this idea in mind, HERE ARE SOME JOURNALING QUESTIONS for you to drop into over the next few days to restore that sense of creative passion and self-expression in your daily life:

1. I feel most creatively alive and self-expressed when I…

2. What are some of the creative parts of myself that I’ve expressed in the past (or have desired to express), that I’ve pushed aside for 1 reason or another and would like to reclaim NOW?

3. What does the wildly creative and passionate part of myself act and feel like? How does she carry herself, and how does she lead in the world?

4. When you’re disconnected from her, how does that make you feel?

5. What distracts you or keeps you from expressing yourself in that way?

6. What boundaries do you need to put in place so that you can connect more frequently with your creativity and less with those distractions?

7. What rituals or actions would you like to devote yourself to to bring more creativity and passion into your life, business and leadership?

I invite you to spend a few moments dropping into these questions to get clear on what creative rituals you’ll bring into your life and business during these last 8 weeks of Spring, and would love to hear the action you’re planning to take in the comments below.

Sending so much love and creative inspiration your way,

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