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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about some of the key components to effective leadership – and I have to say that one of my all time favorites, and dare I say the most profound for me would be being consistent with my morning meditation practice.

And my hubby just built this incredible meditation/yoga deck outside our bedroom, which is making it even more manageable now to prioritize this for myself on a daily basis…thanks Dave!


A morning practice is ESSENTIAL for effective leadership – whether it be leading your family, a team, or your clients.

Here’s the question to ask yourself:

What are you going to do FOR YOU today to ground and center yourself before you do anything for anyone else?

First thing in the morning, many of us find ourselves grabbing the phone on autopilot, checking email, Instagram, Facebook, answering texts…and this disjointed energy is what we’re leading the day with.

A sacred morning practice is about containing a little bit of your precious life force energy just for you, before you give your energy away to someone/something else.

So with that said, if you don’t already have a morning practice, I invite you to get curious about how you can begin to integrate one into your daily life. Even if it’s literally 1 min of deep breathing before you get out of bed to feed the kiddos…it’s all good.

You do YOU.

The trick is to make it enjoyable and manageable so that you can be consistent with it.

When I began doing this a few years back I was sitting for five minutes in the morning (some of you were in this community when that began as well!). Now my practice is typically 20 minutes or so, and consists of deep breathing to ground, meditation to center, and gentle stretching to open my body up…then I go about my routine of coffee or tea, breakfast, working out and getting down to biz.

And, remember that’s why they call it a practice – cause it ain’t always easy at first, you’ve gotta work at it. But in time you begin to relish and cherish those precious and still moments first thing in the morning as much as your sweet cuppa joe.

So this weekend I invite you to drop into creating your sacred (and doable) Spring morning practice or ritual over a cup of tea, and here are some questions to ponder as you create it:

How do you want to feel as you enter your day?

What is the energy that you want to lead your day with?

And what would this morning meditation/grounding practice look like for you with those thoughts and feelings in mind?

So what is it for you? I’d love to hear what your morning practice is if you have one, or what your thoughts are if you’re thinking of creating one soon.

Feel free to email me to share how it goes, and sending so much love your way beautiful soul!

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