An ancient Hawaiian concept that has completely transformed my life…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

I’ve been in a deep state of of reflection since arriving home last week from my first Huna training – learning the ancient arts and sciences of healing and spiritual development of the islands of Hawaii.

The experience was incredible, truly life changing and transformational, and my heart has been blown open wide with gratitude for having been exposed to this lineage and these wise ancient teachings.


This photo was taken at an ancient place of refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii called Puuhonua o Honaunau.

Here we connected with the elements, released emotional baggage that had been weighing us down, and set the intention to become PONO – to become right/congruent/aligned with ourselves, others and the world at large.

Becoming Pono is about cultivating a deep sense of well-being and becoming a clear vessel. And it is Pono that the Hawaiians set the intention to become, every single day. 

This concept really hit home with me, and has inspired me to look into the depths of my soul to see where I am in alignment with myself and where I’m not – nudging me to look at some of my deepest fears head on and to take action on them without knowing what the outcome will be.

Working with the concept has activated a deeper sense of trust in myself, and in my capacity to stand strongly in my leadership, be totally transparent with myself and others, and to TRULY voice what I believe to be right for me deep inside of myself. And it’s supporting me in remembering that we are all more powerful and capable than we ever thought possible as human beings.

The concept of becoming Pono has also inspired me to create a few questions for you to dive into as well – preferably in nature, so that you can move towards an even more congruent and aligned state of being in the world.

I invite you to take a few minutes with your journal this week, away from technology, and answer these questions:

1. What are the areas in my day to day where I’m not feeling fully Pono? (right with myself, aligned, congruent)

2. How is the misalignment in these areas specifically affecting my life?

3. What do I need to let go of that I’m attached to, to create more congruency in these areas?

4. When I cultivate a sense of congruency and alignment in these areas, how would I act differently, feel differently and even look differently on an energetic level?

5. What would begin to open up and blossom for me in my life if I operated from this space of alignment?

6. What is one action that I can take NOW to get become more Pono with myself and my life?

I invite you to drop into these questions this weekend, and feel free to share your answers with me…I’m happy to be a witness and hold your intentions as you step forward in taking inspired action.

I am eternally grateful to the ancient Hawaiian culture, for the simple concepts that Huna can help us with in regards to restoring balance and harmony in our daily lives, and I bow down with gratitude for all the lessons and teachings I’ve opened myself up to exploring throughout my 37 years on this planet (bday was 2 days ago as well so reflecting on that too!)

So honored to be on this journey of life with you and sending love your way!

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