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Hello Dear One!

The other day, I could feel myself slipping into that all too familiar, over-masculine work mode – pushing, doing too much, FORCING the insight to come through.

I noted the pattern, closed down my computer, and took a 45 min. mama nature break in the middle of my workday.

And when I give myself permission to get off the computer and step outside into HER, I remember…

I remember the truth of who I am at the CORE – that I’m not separate from nature, but that I AM part of her. That I belong in the natural environment just as much, if not more than indoors in front of my device.

Whenever I allow myself the space to communicate with her, I release…

My body and mind release, my creativity and intuition increase.

Inspiration soars.

When I connect in with that Wise Queen, Mama Earth, I remember that I am ALIVE, right here, right now…and what a freaking amazing GIFT that is.

And I remember what truly matters…my breath, slowing down, self-care, what brings me JOY – and not from a place of self-centeredness, but so that I can show up as a stronger, more supportive and brighter version of myself for my family, friends and the community I serve.

And that’s why ritual work and cycling with the seasons of Mama Nature are at the ROOT of my upcoming Soulstice Sisterhood women’s circle (available for women in the SF Bay Area and Virtually this year).

Before I was trained in nature-based ritual work, I experienced a lot of pushing through, and a lot of resistance in my life and business because of it.

And through restoring my connection with ritual and working closely with the cycles of nature, I’ve learned to slow down and honor each season – why the winter and darkness are so important, and as a result I now experience more flow, freedom and balance in my life and in my business.

The Earth is SO flipping amazing, and healing, and she’s ready for us – calling us to come back to her ancient wisdom. And whenever we feel like stuck, like we don’t know, or are experiencing writer’s block, all we have to do is step back outside into her, and we’ll REMEMBER our truth.

I’m SO SO excited to begin this next round of the Soulstice Sisterhood! This work is truly my soul’s calling, and we kick off our journey together next Thurs. on Imbolc – the first cross-quarter fest of the Wheel of the Year and the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. This is right when we begin to feel the first hints of Spring and is a potent time for planting seeds, for new beginnings, and the perfect time to start this journey into the sacred cycles of nature with a powerful group of heart-centered women.

I so hope you can join in on the magic that we’re creating in this circle…I invite you to click HERE to apply to join our community of change-makers, and we’d be honored to have you join us in this incredible journey ahead.

With love and gratitude always,

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