The radical act that instantly had me feeling ALIVE and empowered…

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My people, happy 2017 to you!

A few days ago, I came back on the grid from my holiday “digital detox”, and let me tell you, 10 days off email, social media and texting does a human good :)

When we give ourselves permission to break from our devices it frees up space to create things we wouldn’t normally create, (homemade face lotion!) and truly practice presence, a lost art form in these days.

It felt mad empowering to take a break from the tag and posting and just BEING in the real-time, visceral moment.

Breaks from this online world are SO DAMN GOOD, and hoping I can inspire you to set that as an intention in the New Year.

And speaking of intentions, I didn’t set a resolution per say, but rather a one word intention that can anchor me in the year ahead, and I invite you to join me if you haven’t already.

Last year my word was integrity, and this year it’s vitality.

I’ve noticed that during this past year of country living, I’ve gotten closer to my desire of feeling more grounded on a day-to-day basis, but now I’m really ready to feel a sense of vitality that I haven’t felt in years.

And you BETTA believe one of the things that has me feeling most vital is dancing.

This past year I’ve been developing the Strong Body Love Method – a ritual dance class fusion of meditation, yoga, guided free form dance and sound healing that I’ve been teaching at my retreats, and I’m SO stoked to expand this out into workshop format to teach at studios and festivals later this year.

Feels good to weave in the thing that makes me feel most alive, most vital, that I have a degree in and that I’ve been doing my entire life!

So yes, VITALITY, that’s my word…

What about you? How do you want to FEEL and what intention do you want to set to anchor you into 2017? Feel free to let me know by posting in the comments section below.

Sending so much love and presence on this new trip around the sun,

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