How to feel the fear and do it anyway…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.


As I go inward in preparation for my upcoming Unleash Retreat, I’m taking this opportunity to reconnect even more deeply with my mission for this work…and it’s all rooted in a very powerful four-letter word.


It inspired me to create a declaration of sorts of what I feel this world needs more of… here goes:

LOVE. Creativity. Healing. Truth. Speaking Up. Full Self Expression. Kindness. Compassion. Freedom. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. Humanhood. Human Good.

LOVE. Humor. Peace. Authenticity. Mindfulness. Consciousness. Change Makers. Visionaries. Revolutionaries. Courage. Community. Back-To-The-Land. 

LOVE. Conscious Leadership. Equality. Pleasure. Presence. Ritual. DANCE. Music. Meditation. Respect for Nature. Self Trust. Self Love. Self Care. Love for Others. In Person Connection. Divine Guidance. 


For those of you who connect and are on board with this declaration – who deeply feel the love and light within you, yet have been in hiding from speaking your truth, or expressing yourself fully for fear of being seen or being judged or not being good enough…I hear you and I get it. I’ve been there, deep in the trenches of fear, not speaking up for what I really think, hiding my essence…

But it’s time now for us all to let those old outdated beliefs go. 

Because the world NEEDS us and our love and OUR light in such a massive way right now…and it’s our absolute privilege and duty as change-makers to acknowledge and move through our fears so that we can amplify our voices to create positive social change on this planet.

So how do we move through our fears? Here are 3 of my favorite go to strategies to move closer towards the light.

1. Remember the mission – connect into your Big Why on a daily basis, and remember deeply the mission of why you went into this line of work in the first place. Let this mission fuel your forward motion and reconnect in with it whenever you find yourself in a fear based place.

2. Get outta your head and back into your body
– The body is truly the shortcut to move through fear and is such a powerful tool and gift we’ve been given. So, dance, run, walk, do jumping jacks, breathe, meditate…anything to get you out of the monkey mind and into your body and you’ll instantly feel a sense of release and clarity.

3. Get support
– The path of the change-maker is not an easy one, and isolation, fear, doubt, overwhelm, judgment are regular visitors on our journey. But getting yourself into a community of other folks who are on a similar path as you, and getting support from mentors who have been in the position that you currently find yourself in can be SO helpful and key to not feeling alone on this journey and to move through our fears and into the light.

When we muster up the courage and the discipline to face our deepest fears, and begin to shine some light on them, we make space for the LOVE that is so needed on this planet to shine through. (Click to Tweet)

This is TRULY what the world needs…for us to courageously look our fears head on and see and feel that fear and do the scary thing anyway. And it’s uncomfortable. It takes discipline. It takes commitment. It takes falling down and getting oneself back up again… But it’s worth it, and this is what I’m standing for… So who’s on board with me for the LOVE revolution?

We’d love to hear some of your favorite tips and strategies to move through fear and into the light in the comments below.

So much love and light,

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