Divine Feminine Queen Leadership Skills:Energetic Hygiene, Fierce Self-Care & Soul Love

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

I’m absolutely blown away by these shiny, happy, real, raw, vulnerable, courageous women who joined me this past weekend for the Unleash Retreat…it was truly incredible and am overflowed with joy from the experience.


We began our journey on the Autumn Equinox, and played with the themes of balance – shedding and cultivation, giving and receiving, and celebrating what we’re owning about ourselves as Divine Feminine Queens.

We applied these themes to holding sacred space for others – because the world needs more women who can do so effectively, with courage and strength.

And part of the process of holding space for others is grounding and clearing our own energy and practicing FIERCE self-care and some serious soul love during the process.

I co-led a workshop block with one of my dearest friends and my retreat “doula” (aka, our energetic assistant) Monica Lucero, entitled Divine Feminine Queen Leadership Skills: Energetic Hygiene, Self-Care & Soul Love

Moni & Me

I’m lucky enough to have Monica helping me to ground before and clear my energy after – and the energy of the group and the space, throughout the event…but not everyone has this resource when they’re leading. So this segment is dedicated to the importance of grounding our energy before we hold space for others, recalibrating our energy as we’re leading events, and how to clear our own energy after the event has completed.

Clearing and grounding our energy is crazy important as it’s easy to take on the energy of others when we’re leading…and in order to show up fully for our communities we MUST practice these principals with fierce devotion. (Click To Tweet)

This isn’t about just going and get your hair did before a big event, but rather about practicing with loving diligence, the act of caring for yourself as leader and facilitator, and practicing what we’re preaching as holistic, heart-centered entrepreneurs.

So here are some of my TOP strategies on how to ground, recalibrate and clear your energy while holding sacred space for others.



Getting yourself centered, grounded and rooted before your event is key to showing up in integrity and with strength for the community you’re serving.

Setting up an altar beforehand, and engaging in practices like grounding meditations, root chakra visualizations, deep breathing exercises, a walking meditation in nature, using vetiver or thyme essential oils, and eating grounding foods like root veggies are some of my fav ways to ground pre-retreat….and lots and lots of sleep. :)


Making sure you’re giving yourself time outs to ground and clear your energy during the event – especially if it’s an all day or multiple day retreat is key to managing your energy throughout.

Active or Constructive Rest – a practice that I learned as a dance major in college while studying the Alexander Technique, is my tried and true go to for recalibrating my energy (can literally make you feel like you had a 30 minute nap in 5 minutes!)

Also, using hydrosols to rehydrate the skin, uplifting essential oils of lemongrass and bergamot, energizing breathing exercises like Breath of Fire, and drinking lots of liquids throughout can help restore energy. And remember to delegate, delegate, delegate…you don’t have to do it all yourself and it will give you the space to recalibrate.


This is the piece that is so often skipped and I feel is SO important on so many levels. When I was a full time massage therapist, when I wasn’t clearing my energy diligently I actually felt sick after a full days work…so we MUST clear after we lead and hold space for others, whether that be for 1 person or thousands.

Sage is one of the best ways to clear out a physical space as well as your own energy post event. Also, tapping or patting down the entire body – getting the circulation moving is another way to move lymph and release stuck energy in the body. DANCING is of course one of my tried and true methods for letting go of any funkiness. And essential oils of sage and rosemary, drinking TONS of water and eating LOTS of food are other good ways to clear and ground post event.

Lastly, my favorite practice for clearing is my beloved bathing ritual. I’ll dry brush my entire body before I enter, then add in healing salts, essential oils, light a candle and put on a healing face mask. While bathing I’ll place crystals all over my body to absorb any energy that isn’t mine that might be lingering, and I meditate while in the tub as well, releasing what doesn’t serve… Shower it all off and you’re feeling like a newborn babe. :)

As we move more deeply into ourselves as Divine Feminine Leaders, it becomes imperative that we practice fierce self-care with diligence. When we do this, we feel more fully in our power and connected to our bodies, Mama Earth and with Divine Spirit. This is when we’re able to lead from a place of authenticity, and this energy is what attracts our communities to engage with us time and time again.

So, what about you? What are 3 things that you can commit to NOW to begin incorporating into your self-care and energetic hygiene regimen while holding space for others?

Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

From my heart to yours,

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