I haven’t done this in 10 years…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Yesterday I was going through an old storage bin looking for a dvd and came upon my beloved tap shoes – and after 10 years of silence, these feet of mine are creating sweet beats once again.

I freaking ADORE this form of dance and creative self-expression…

The rhythm
the percussion
the play with timing
the music.

Such a fierce and badass practice.

It’s bringing me so much joy – through this process of reclaiming myself as an artist and dancer, to go deeper into remembering what excited me and lit me up in the past, and then trying it back on for size.

And, I have a lot of thoughts about why we put our creative practices down…

We grow up, get responsible, distract with technology, feel we’re not good enough.

But what is being asked of us now as leaders and change-makers is the reclamation and expression of ALL the uniquely creative parts of ourselves, and to let those parts BE SEEN and SHINE.

Creativity sparks true joy, enhanced confidence and a deeper level of leadership. {Click to Tweet}

In this power video: more on my tap dancing story, why we put down our creative endeavors, and a challenge for you on how you can pick yours back up so that you can feel a deeper sense of joy — and how that can enhance your life, business and leadership over time. Plus check out my video of me tapping after a 10 year hiatus HERE on Instagram

Reclaiming Creativity for Massive Joy

To the creative muse within you,

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