I can’t hold it in any longer…Exciting Announcement for You!

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

After nearly 5 months of focused attention, I’m so excited to birth the project that myself, and my amazing team have poured so much heart, soul and hard work into – the Uninhibited Women Leadership OnlineConference.


Oftentimes with launches we just power through and we don’t pause to appreciate all of our accomplishments. So I’m consciously taking a moment to SLOW DOWN (a challenge to do in the middle of a launch), soak it all in, and finally share this puppy with all of you.

Join me and 1000’s of women from across the globe in moving through fear and strengthening our leadership…and the best part, it’s FREE!

Join us here: 

I’ve created this conference because I believe that it is TIME for us as women to stop hiding our brilliance…

We’re at a time in history where it’s never been more accessible for many of us to use our voices to help heal this planet, but we still struggle with fear, doubt and limiting beliefs that hold us back from speaking our truth.

If we want to heal the world, we have to learn how to heal and express ourselves first…it truly begins with us.

And when we do this, and we step forward with strength collectively, we can create positive social change for our world at large.

Join our growing community of change-makers here: 

For those of you who’ve been in my radar for awhile, you may remember the Dare to be Seen & Heard Virtual Conference that I co-facilitated 2 years back. This is a similar set up online, with a fresh updated approach.

In addition to the 20 edgy interviews with some of the most visionary women in creative and holistic leadership (think Terri Cole, Sianna Sherman, Laura Hollick, Dr. Deb Kern, Kia Miller and others), I’ll also be leading daily Power Workshops to help you release fear and seriously strengthen your confidence.

Each day of the event will focus on one of my 5 pillars of Uninhibited Leadership – the daily themes of Self Love, Embodiment, Creative Expression, Voice Activation, and Divine Feminine Leadership. The result? Brining in more abundance, flow, visibility and joy into your life, leadership and business.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur or are in what you feel is a significant role of leadership at this time, I believe we’re all leaders and this conference will be crazy inspirational and life-changing for you.

I encourage you to sign up for FREE here at, help spread the word and I can’t wait to share in this uplifting experience with you.

Sending you so much love, and here’s to moving mountains with your mission-driven work!

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