From To-Do List to To-Do Nothing…

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Last week I was scheduled for a photo shoot with the amazing women at In Her Image Photography (rebrand coming up later this year!), but had to reschedule the shoot the day of due to weather.

In that moment I had a choice. 

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I could’ve filled my day with a million other things to do (i.e., plan upcoming conference, map out retreats, prep workshop, write copy for video shoot, answer emails, etc, etc.)

Or I could do what I ended up doing which was to give myself permission to do absolutely nothing and enjoy a day of replenishing and creative inspiration instead.

That day, I danced, chatted with one of my girls, meditated, took a bath outside in the rain, journaled, rested, and went to my friends house for an impromptu dinner complete with champagne, chocolate and hot tub time.

Yes please!

When we stop doing so much and allow ourselves the creative space to turn off our devices, tune into our bodies and amp up our pleasure, we clear our minds and make way for inspiration. Click To Tweet 

We give ourselves the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with spirit, and go from pushing to being guided along the path.

And we feel a sense of joy that we simply aren’t able to feel when we’re trying so hard to make shit happen.

My friend Laura Hollick started doing this for herself once a week, and she said that it dramatically changed her business when she committed to prioritizing her “creative clarity days”.

And when I made the choice to not fill my schedule last week, I felt empowered, uplifted and received some really important information about what to do next in my business that wouldn’t have come to me had I not listen to my intuition, and just powered through.

So I challenge you today to see where you can create space in your schedule for a day free of to-do listing and full of to-doing nothing.

Even if you’re uber busy like I am right now, carving out this sacred space will allow for more ease, pleasure and flow to occur in your life, leadership and business.

Always with love,

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