My favorite secret practice to get what you want in the new year…

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Well, here we are at the dawn of a new year…when folks are rearing to go, resolutions are made, and hopes are high.

And while this is an exciting time of year for sure, a month or two down the road many of us tend to feel funky because our resolutions have not been kept.

Rather than resolution setting, I really dig setting an intention or theme of the year instead, and invite you to join me.  I partook in this practice last year and felt deeply empowered by setting my intention and my theme carried me through the entire year.

Last year I chose the theme of COMMITMENT… My intention was to be a fierce commitment to my vision, my dreams, my clients, myself, my partner… And one of my biggest visions and dreams was to leave San Francisco.  I had been hearing the calling for some time to move out of the city to somewhere expansive – where I could feel more freedom, be surrounded by nature and inspired by creativity on a daily basis, and the timing was finally ripe…but not without setting my intention first. :)

My husband and I ended up moving an hour north of the city to a dream rental property on 22 acres…we manifested a place where we could gather community together, express our creativity on the regular, where I could dance again and where we could heal and unwind.

Our dream became a reality…and I truly feel that one of the big reasons this dream came to fruition was because of the strong intention I set around being a commitment to my vision and dreams.

So I invite you to instead of choosing a resolution like lose 20 pounds by March 1, or make x $ by x date, to set an intention or theme of the year.

Your intention can be something that inspires you to be a better person or that motivates you to move closer to who you truly are, and I encourage you to create it as more of a quality than a tangible thing.

Once you’re clear I encourage you to use this intention as your mantra moving forward into 2016 – something to anchor you and ground you in your personal growth and expansion as a human being.

So what is coming up for you? What’s your intention. I would love for you to share your intention in the comments section. I so look forward to hearing from you and ringing in the new year with you!

Wishing you a joy-filled 2016 and sending so much love,

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