Why it’s time to release the fear of judgment and speak your truth…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.


We are at an opportune time in history where it’s never been more accessible as women in the western world to speak our truths, without inhibitions.

I also feel strongly that this is a CRUCIAL time for women specifically to develop the courage and confidence to speak up and take a strong stand for what they believe in.

As you know all too well, the world is in dire need of healers, change-makers and creative minds who are committed to making this world a better, safer and more joyful place for people to inhabit through their life’s work.

But there are a few aspects that continue to hold us back as women and keep us playing small…

One of which is the idea that in order to share your message with the world, that the message needs to be unique.

A lot of people stop dead in their tracks from sharing from their heart because they feel like other people have already said it.

One thought, idea or message doesn’t need to be unique. It’s how you deliver that message – and the passion that comes from your unique being, that will differentiate you from others in a similar line of work. (Click To Tweet)

No one on the face of the planet has ever had the same life experiences, has gone through the same challenges or is able to articulate and speak about a subject in the way that you can specifically. So it’s time to let go of hiding behind the “somebody has already said or done that” veil, and start taking a stand for what you believe in.

Another major fear that stops us from speaking our truth is a fear of judgment.

When we consider speaking up for something that we believe in, many times we experience fear around who we’re gonna piss off or offend, or who is going to disapprove of us if we were to actually give voice to that thought…

But here’s the hard truth: If you’re going to step forward as a leader, there are going to be haters. Believe it or not, there are Mother Theresa hating websites for crying out loud!

As we deepen into leadership and build our visibility with our work, there will be more people who DO resonate with you AND there will be more people who DON’T…

The goal is to learn how to get comfortable not jiving and connecting with everyone on the planet and get really focused on speaking to whom we’re meant to serve.

So as you close one year down and open up to another, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

1. If you were to not censor yourself as a woman and a leader, what is it that you’d like to claim that you take a strong stand for?

2. What do you know with complete certainty that you believe in with all of your heart?

3. What are the pearls of wisdom that get you super lit up that you want to share with the world?

Once you’ve answered these 3 questions, ask yourself how you can weave these more into your messaging, your marketing and your branding so that you can bring yourself into deeper alignment with your mission.

Take time in the next week or two to prioritize this practice and let me know what you’re ready to take a stand for in the comments section below.

To the power of your voice,

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