It’s time to celebrate the fruits of your labor…

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After months, and frankly years of resistance, I’m finally allowing myself to drop fully into Autumn–the season of harvest, gratitude and celebration.

I just returned from an eye-opening business building and ritual training retreat with my coach, and the biggest lesson I learned is how often we fail to appreciate and practice gratitude for our many accomplishments.


During the training I was reminded of this hard truth –  that once most of us climb one big mountain and reach the summit of our goal, we oftentimes want to tackle the next mountain or goal without fully taking in the view and celebrating the accomplishment of the one we just reached.

I resonated with this understanding SO much and was in awe of how often I do this myself, in my life and in my business.

In this go-go-go culture, we rarely allow ourselves the time to slow down, replenish our systems and acknowledge our wins — big or small, before moving on to our next endeavor. (Click To Tweet)

It’s okay for us to continue to expand and reach for new goals, but if we don’t allow ourselves to relish in the fruits of our labor, then we miss out on what’s truly important — the real point of all our hard work, the phase of enJOYment & celebration.

So, in the spirit of Fall and Thanksgiving, I’m allowing myself more room to celebrate, and I encourage you to too!


Here’s what I’m celebrating right now: 

  • This beautiful land and dream property that I get to live in and create on with my sweetheart
  • The truly amazing clients that I feel so honored to support and witness in their expansion and growth
  • A new car that gives me the freedom to go back into the city to see dear friends
  • Making connections and meeting new friends here in beautiful Sonoma County
  • My family that I love deeply and have the opportunity to see and spend time with more frequently
  • Reaching a massive business goal that I’ve been working towards the past few years
  • Building a fire in the wood burning stove in my workshop space in 5 hot minutes this morning
  • Having the courage to go after my dreams as a creative entrepreneur
  • All of you dedicated readers who are new or have been witnessing my growth and expansion for years now
  • My husband’s health after a serious bout of Ulcerative Colitis a year ago…my health too
  • This crazy awesome adventure of life…and lots, lots more :)

So, take a moment, and ask yourself:

What mountains have you climbed that have gotten brushed under the rug instead of being fully appreciated?

What are you most grateful for in your life and in your business?

What are you fiercely celebrating today?

I invite you to make a list like I’ve done above, share it with someone you love and encourage them to do the same!

And I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating during this time of harvest in the comments section… would be amazing to hear from you. :)

Sending so much love & gratitude and wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving,

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