A Simple Practice To Cut Away Your Attachment To Fear & Self-Doubt…

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I just returned home from one of the most life-changing weekends at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Never have I experienced such a special place as this… 

The Divinity of the Big Sur wilderness, the open ocean, the healing waters, the bountiful garden, the love-filled people, the connectedness – to myself to nature to humanity, the nourishing food, the majestic whales. And the massage…oh man, that massage…

I went to Esalen last weekend to continue my education and experience a Leadership Embodiment workshop with Wendy Palmer.  I’ve really been feeling called to incorporate more embodied leadership practices into my work, and this weekend reiterated that vision for me.

As many of you know I danced under the direction of my mom growing up, majored in dance in college, and performed, taught and choreographed professionally for 10 years…

The past few years I’ve been on a “sabbatical” of sorts from dancing to focus on my coaching practice.

What I’ve come to realize through the time off, is that dance, movement and embodiment work is my lifeline—my Flow Zone, and it’s imperative now that a merging of all my experience in movement, leadership, entrepreneurship and coaching is necessary at this time.


One of the practices Wendy had us embody in the workshop was to use a Bokken (a wooden practice sword found in The Japanese martial arts form Aikido) and cut through what we would like to release or cut together what we’d like to cultivate more of.

I cut through any remaining attachment to self-doubt around incorporating my true passion for movement, dance and full self-expression FULLY into my mission-driven work

It’s not about completely cutting away fears, doubts or stressors, but rather cutting away our attachments to them. (Click To Tweet

It’s about being willing to move through our fears when they arise, with swiftness, ease and grace.

Ritualizing intentions such as these can help solidify and embody our desired state moving forward, and upon leaving the workshop and my time at Esalen, I felt much more centered, grounded and in alignment with my true calling.

And I am delighted to inform you that in the coming months I will be stepping even more deeply into my body of work and fully incorporating my 13+ years of entrepreneurship, movement practices, and embodiment trainings into my programming, messaging and brand.

My intention is to support change-making leaders to move through their fears with fierce courage, and truly embody their missions as they play bigger in their businesses—Ie expanding their visibility, leading team, presenting events, rocking out video and speaking their truth on large scale stages.

Even pressing send on a blog post can create a lot of fear and there are specific embodiment modalities that we can utilize to center and move through these fears so that we can step forward with confidence and ground.

So, be on the lookout in a couple of months for motivational videos with actionable tips, dances by yours truly and inspirational interviews along the lines of leadership, embodiment and business expansion. :)

Until then, I’d like for you to dive in and ask yourself, what attachment would you like to cut away?  Attachment to fear, doubt or self-criticism?  Attachment to judgments made to yourself and others?  Attachment to anxiety, busying yourself, and never taking breaks?

I invite you to put aside a few min today and create a powerful ritual for yourself to cut away this attachment so that you can move forward with your life’s work with ease.  You could even create a “sword” out of a walking stick and cut away these attachments like me.

Would love to hear what ritual you come up with and what transpires afterwards, so please share your insights in the comments section.

With Embodied Love,

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