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10 years and two weeks ago I moved cross country from my Illinois roots, to the great city of San Francisco as a 25 year old following her intuition that it was time for a change…time to learn more about what she was made of, time to grow in ways she couldn’t even imagine.

And in one week from today that now 35 year old woman will move once again to follow her new dream of living in the country, in an expansive, sacred space with her hubby where she feels deeply she can be her best self—do her best work…

The vision was there and the home presented itself effortlessly.  The Universe heard her request and she was open to receiving it.



Manifestation is a combination of clear, felt vision, taking bold action, having the willingness to change and being open to receive.  (Click To Tweet)

Those last two pieces are what interest me most and what I feel are the most important ingredients in manifesting one’s dreams…having the willingness to change and being open to receive.

When change is on it’s way, a loss or a letting go of what once was is inevitable…but the denial of that loss can hold us back. 

Many of my friends and colleagues know that moving to an expansive location where I’m inspired to create daily has been a dream of mine for years now…and I’m beyond excited for this shift!

But with this shift, comes surrender.

I’m letting go of this soulful city that I’ve called home for 10 years.  I’m letting go of the apartment that has housed me through my transition into true adulthood.  I’m letting go of seeing my SF friends, neighbors and community every day.  And I feel, in a way, I’m letting go of that young woman who discovered herself here—who grew from failed relationships, who did 2 painful but passionate years of long distance with her now husband, who created this business out of nothing but faith, vision and taking bold action…

There is sadness that comes with these losses for sure.

But I’ve acknowledged the sadness and any fear based feelings—I’ve allowed myself to witness and feel them, and I’ve declared to the Universe my openness to receiving this gift of expansion and change.  

This is what is required in order to manifest dreams. 

Now I’d love to hear from you…please share your thoughts and ideas on manifesting in the comments below.

With Uninhibited Love,

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