Censoring isn’t what inspires…

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Two exciting nuggets for you today.

#1 – A super sweet urban retreat that I’ve put together for you in beautiful San Francisco called Replenish SF, to ground, renew, connect and express.  You can learn more about that HERE, as well as at the bottom of this post…we’re already over halfway full a month out.  Would absolutely love to see you in person and to have you join our amazing crew of passion-driven women.

#2 – An article that I recently wrote for the Dare To Be Seen & Heard Movement (a community I’ve been spearheading with my dear friend and colleague Laura Thompson Brady for the past year).

Since the content of the article was about Embracing Authentic Vulnerable Leadership, it only seemed relevant to share it with y’all today.

So let’s dive in shall we?

As leaders, we often feel the need to keep our happy and strong faces on at all times.

Many of us desperately want the outside world to think that we have it all together—that we don’t experience fears, doubts or struggles along the path to leadership. 

We feel we should be portraying a “perfect model” to our clients, students and community, for fear of being judged or deemed as imperfect.

And, it’s easier than ever for us to avoid vulnerability—to constantly edit and censor our realities for the world at large to witness.

But censoring isn’t what inspires… 

What business and leadership is calling for right now is authenticity and vulnerability. Giving ourselves permission to express our realities vulnerably to our communities at large, allows us to develop trust and a sense of realness that can only be achieved by letting folks see our raw and real nature.

It’s through the conscious practice of being vulnerable with our truths & stories that we deeply connect with those we’re meant to serve.  (Click to Tweet)

Laura and I do agree however with the wisdom that thought-leader Marianne Williamson offers—to teach and practice the art of vulnerability from the “resurrection and not the crucifixion”.

In other words, we’re not suggesting we share struggles while deep in the trenches of challenge, but rather after we’ve learned the lessons about that particular hardship—allowing us to teach and lead from a powerfully grounded place—from the heart.

As you feel into this idea on authentic vulnerable leadership, I invite you to ask yourself these 3 powerful questions:

  1. In what aspects of your life have you overcome massive challenge?
  2. How can you share your resurrection with your community in a way that creates connection and inspires your folks to take bold action?
  3. How can you be skillfully vulnerable while focusing on your greater mission?

I invite you to feel deeply into these questions and let me know in the comments section on what insight you receive.

Also, as I mentioned above, I’m leading a stellar LIVE renewal day retreat called, Replenish in San Francisco on Friday 7/24.  I would absolutely LOVE to meet you in person and have your fierce presence at this day of leadership, grounding and connection.

Replenish is a beautiful opportunity to come together in supported community with other beautiful and badass like-minded leading ladies.

Yoga Class, Sound Healing Bath, Organic Catered Lunch, Mini-Massages, Guided Meditation, Leadership Coaching, Circle Singing and lots of lovey dovey mingle time is what’s jiving during this nourishing day…

If this is calling you, you can secure your spot here at And if you’re coming in from out of town, shoot me a quick email and I’ll give you some recs on where to stay. :)

Alright beauties, can’t wait to share this nourishing day with you and sending love!

Love and gratitude,

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