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When I was first starting my coaching practice 3 1/2 years ago, I did EVERYTHING myself—built my own website, created flyers, scheduled clients, shot all my own videos—you name it, I did it.

I wasted many precious hours doing things that I disliked doing and that were NOT in what Gay Hendricks refers to as my “Zone of Genius”.

About a year into the business I was driving myself mad and burning out—not a great place to be in a heart-focused, service based industry.

I quickly realized that if I wanted to actually grow this thing, it was imperative that I let go of the reigns and build a support team.  (Not an easy task for a broke ass control freak…BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE.)

I asked my friend Gillian who was doing admin work at my neighborhood yoga studio if she’d be willing to do a trade, and we worked up to partial pay and full pay from there.

Despite my money issues and control freak nature, I let go of the resistance I was having and made it work…and I’m so grateful for that.

Hiring my admin was just the first step, and now I have an awesome fully aligned dream team of 4 supporting me along this entrepreneurial journey…my Business Manager, Client Care Coordinator/Virtual Assistant, Graphic Designer, and Business Coach.

Building team is essential for the growth of one’s entrepreneurial venture, and in stepping firmly into a deeper role of leadership. (Click here to Tweet)

Step 1 – Get clear with where you and your business need support.

Ask yourself these powerful questions:
1. What tasks am I doing that are wasting my energy, time (and ultimately money) by doing them?

2. What am I not getting to in my business because I’m spending too much time doing these other time/energy sucking tasks?

Your answers will reveal many of the tasks that you’ll need support with moving forward.

Step 2 Create a baller job description.

This will help you to bring in a fully aligned team member and to get clear on what you need in terms of support.

Ask yourself:
1. How does this role fit into my biz?

2. What are the specific responsibilities?

3. What would this ideal team member’s personality be like?

4. How many hours do I want them to be working?

A job description is very important, so don’t skimp out on this piece!

Step 3 – Reach out to your communities.

The first step?  Look within your own community.  Email your newsletter list, talk to your friends and reach out to your current or past clients, as these are the folks that know and love you already.  From there, hit up referrals, social media and other hiring services to find your ideal fit.

Step 4 – Interview with confidence.

Take your time with this piece and trust your instincts.  Have conversations with more than one person and speak to each person more than once.  Ask a lot of really good questions so that you get a sense of how this member would act in this role on your team.  Find out about how they work under pressure, their ability to follow through, and get clear on their turnaround time…this will help you make a grounded decision and feel solid with who you bring into your precious entrepreneurial world.

Step 5 – Hire intelligently.

Before you share any confidential info with your new team member be sure to have them sign an official contract with you.  Also, have them keep a task log so that you know how they’re spending their working hours…this will get you clear on knowing where your moola is going, as well as having a clear task list/manual for if/when that team member moves on.  And lastly, hold regular team meetings.  I suggest weekly meetings to start, allowing you to follow through, follow up and move things along swiftly.

Alright woman, I know you can do this.  And if money is holding you back on this piece, I invite you to GET CREATIVE.  Again, I did a partial trade to start out, or you could even look into hiring an intern!  When there’s a will there’s a way.

And if that’s not enough moxie to convince you to build your dream team, ask yourself: What is your time worth to you?  What could you be making per hour working with clients (or otherwise) when you’re not busy doing tasks that aren’t in your Zone of Genius?  And what would you be doing in your business instead?

If you find yourself desiring further support along your entrepreneurial journey, I’d love to speak with you 1-1.  You can reach out to my amazing Client Care Coordinator Rani at to fill out an application for a complimentary private strategy call, and if we feel we’d be a positive impact on your business, we’ll be in touch with you to book your session asap.

Love and gratitude,


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