Be Who You Are…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

If there’s one nugget of inspiration that I’ve been hit with recently, it’s this: BE WHO YOU ARE.

This is the message that’s been stamped into these hand-crafted necklaces that I created for my Uninhibited Mastermind business coaching clients…LOVE them!


Having gone through the challenges that I recently experienced with my ill hubby, they’ve only made me realize the importance of the statement above.

That NOW is the time to be the authentic representation of our truest selves in our lives and businesses, ALL of the time. It’s time for transparency, vulnerability and uninhibited expression. Its time to own the moment and let our freak flags fly…you feel me?!

This year I’m fully realizing a dream of mine that’s been nearly 2 years in the making–I’m leading an elite, small group coaching experience called the Uninhibited Mastermind.

The 6-month multifaceted program (think LIVE retreats, 1-1 coaching, and small group support) is all about building authenticity, visibility, abundance, supported community, confidence, leadership and sustainability in your heart-centered business.

I feel deeply honored to be supporting the badass, extraordinary women who have already stepped in and said YES, and there are only 6 spots remaining of the 12 available…

We begin in mid-March…I’m SO excited. And I just secured the most spectacular retreat location in Bay Area wine co. for our first in person EXPANSION retreat.

If this has you curious, here’s what I suggest you do:

Email my client care coordinator Rani at and we’ll set set up a time for you and I to connect on a deep level on what you envision for yourself and your business in 2015. Without attachment to outcome on my part, we’ll activate your intuition to get clear on what needs to happen for you over the next year (inner and outer) to create what you want, and how the Uninhibited Mastermind might help you to reach that vision.

I’d be honored to speak with you and offer my support.

And if you’re desiring more inspiration on how to live and run your business from a deep place of authenticity, spend some time this weekend answering these questions:

Where am I out of alignment in my business or life?

What action can I take to bring more authenticity, integrity and alignment to that area?

Where can I afford in my business or life to express myself more fully?

Where am I hiding or diminishing the core of my truth?

Am I being transparent in my working relationships? Personal relationships?

What action can I take right now to bring more transparency and authenticity to my relationships?

How might taking these bold actions positively affect my life and business?

Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab your pen and paper and share your insights in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!

With Uninhibited Expression,

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