6 Killer Strategies To Boost Self-Confidence

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One of the biggest things that holds most of us back from achieving what we actually want in life and in business is our lack of self-confidence.

We critique ourselves constantly, we focus on what we don’t have, and doubt that we’re smart or good enough to have what we want.

But it’s possible to gain some serious traction in the confidence department and have these bouts of insecurities happen way less often.

On this week’s episode of AshleyBTV I cover 6 simple strategies on how to boost your confidence for good, and help you take bold action to start implementing them today. Let’s get this party started!


Each of us, even those of us that come off as confident people to others, struggle with having negative and limiting thoughts at times. It’s what you’re gonna do with those thoughts when they arise that makes all the difference. When you feel a negative or limiting belief surfacing, acknowledge it and replace it with an opposing thought of positivity or gratitude. For example, if I’m looking in the mirror and I think to myself, “Man, I look fat and bloated today”, I can counteract this limiting thought with “Man, I’m so grateful that this body is well and serving me today” or “Damn, I love my sexy and wild hair!” This will trip your mind into thinking in the positive and immediately boost your confidence levels.


When we take the extra few minutes out of our busy day to fully express ourselves with clothing that we love—let alone dress ourselves in anything other than pj’s for those of us that work from home—we tend to feel so much more confident and empowered. I’m all about not feeling the need to have to wear make up and heels all the time, but let’s face it, when you put the time and effort into looking good, you feel better…so make that a priority and you’ll feel an instant raise in self-assurance.


Moving your bod is a great way to boost your confidence. Regardless of if you’re a busy working mama or starting up your own biz, we can ALL find AT LEAST 5 minutes out of the day to connect to this powerful thing which houses our crazy mind and sweet soul…and that’s truly all it takes to get into the confidence zone. Check out this video for a little booty break session from yours truly to help you get into your body and boost your positive mood stat!

Ash feet click


Each of us have been put on this earth with special gifts and talents that make us shine and make us unique. There’s no point in us trying REALLY hard to do things that we aren’t great at or don’t have any interest in. So focus on putting your time, effort and energy into your talents and work that you love. For more guidance in this area, sign up for and check out video #3 of this free video training series that I made for you.


Fear of judgment, rejection and looking stupid all go hand in hand with a lack of self-confidence. Here’s the deal, we need to bring it back to our mission EVERY time. If I start worrying about how big my butt is, how my hair looks, what I’m going to say if I don’t know the answer to a question, or what everyone one is going to think about me, I’m gonna be screwed when putting myself out there. What we HAVE TO do is to commit to remembering our purpose, our mission, and why we’re doing what we’re doing, and this is what helps us move through our self-conscious thoughts and come from a place of service and trust instead.


Self-confidence and self-assurance is something that happens over time with practice. The first time I shot a video and spoke at a live event, I was scared shitless of putting myself out there in that way… But I did it anyway, and that’s how I became better at it and more confident in myself–and this is the only way to move forward. So find something that scares you and DO IT NOW!


Choose 1 or 2 of these confidence boosting strategies and commit to doing them daily for the next week. You can do this! Feeling a sense of confidence is your birthright and is waiting for you…so what are you waiting for?

Now I’d love to hear from you. What is the one strategy that you’re going to commit to this week to boost your confidence? Let us know in the comment section below.

With love, strength & confidence,

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