Stop Comparing and Despairing

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Hi Dear Friends!

Something that I’ve struggled with (along with most of the human race) is the “compare and despair syndrome”. We’ve been seriously hardwired to be a competitive society instead of a loving and supportive one, and it’s customary to put our sweet selves down on a daily basis and feel “less-than” on the regular.

Ash going cray cray

We experience the “syndrome” around our bodies, our relationships, our jobs and DEFINITELY around our businesses. We’re constantly looking at what other people are doing and we say to ourselves “omg this person is so much smarter, prettier, thinner, more successful than me…I’m a piece of poop, I totally suck, I’m throwing the towel in!”

So many of us are challenged by this…but this less-than mentality has gotta stop ladies, because all it’s doing is creating more fear, doubt and shame, and is holding you back in your life and in your business.

On today’s AshleyBTV episode, I’ll be sharing with you my top 3 tips on how to stop the compare and despair syndrome dead in it’s tracks. Click on the video to watch and download your special action sheet below!


After watching the video, tell us one action you can take to stop comparing and despairing in the comment section below.

What’s something that you can do to stop engaging in the negative banter and start doing more of to boost your confidence today?

Thanks so much for sharing with us, and if this video was helpful for you, please spread the love and share it with your crew.

Much love!

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