The Importance of Renewal

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Hi sweet friends!

Well we’re 3-weeks into 2014, and instead of checking in to see if you’ve set your resolutions and all that jazz, today I wanted to see if you’ve done anything renewing for yourself at the start of the year.

The great Janet Jackson asked her man the question, “What have you done for me lately?” But what if we women asked OURSELVES that question instead?

Ash retreat pic

In my world, the New Year is all about renewal. It’s about starting fresh. It’s about giving ourselves permission to honor and reflect on 2013, release that year, and to move forward with some seriously renewed energy and expansion.
After 2 weeks of holiday travel, sleeping in 6 beds and 2 additional (and awesome) wedding receptions, I was wiped out to say the least. So, I decided to gift myself a 3-day yoga/hot springs retreat at the start of the year. I ate well, connected with myself, nature and others, soaked in the healing waters, got the most amazing Watsu massage treatment ever, rested and rocked out some invigorating yoga. The result? Feeling a fresh surge of energy to put into my relationships, and my passionate work at the start of 2014…totally empowering!

Here is my question for you. What can you do to incorporate the energy of renewal into your life at the beginning of this sweet new year?

It can be totally simple…

It could look creating a restful half-day inner city mini retreat for yourself, consisting of a healing yoga class, a clean eating lunch, a 60-minute massage, and a meditation hike in the woods. Or you could gift yourself a longer, more in-depth retreat, like a long Wellness Weekend in Baja Mexico (to join me and for more info click here).

Whatever you choose, make it replenishing, and make it all about you. As an entrepreneur, a new wife and a friend to many people, it has been so important for me to practice what I preach, and to crank up the self-care strategies like no other—especially at this time of the year. This way I can show up in a bigger and better way for my work, my partner, and my friends and fam.

The same goes for you too…

So I invite you to take a minute and brainstorm…get creative, dream big, and schedule a time in your planner in the next few weeks to rock out your own version of a renewing retreat, so you can move into 2014 with a big fresh bang!

Wishing you happiness, freedom and abundance in the New Year,

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