Part 2 of the SBL Self-Love Holiday Challenge!

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I hope you enjoyed the nuggets of love-filled inspiration that I shared with you last week, and that you find yourself a little calmer, more connected, and more at peace by implementing those simple strategies into your holiday routine.

I know it can seem like we don’t have time for ANYTHING extra during this busy time, but I can assure you, if you take out time for yourself and incorporate some of these self-love tips into your days, you’ll actually feel like you have MORE time to get everything done…

So, let’s get on with part 2 shall we? Today I’ll be sharing 3 more sweet self-love strategies for you to use for you to de-stress, boost positivity and be kind to yourself this holiday season. Keep reading here on the blog for the goods!

Part 2 of the SBL Holiday Self-Love Challenge

Step 4 – Shake your Tail Feathers

When we get busy, one of the first things to go is the physical activity in our lives. In result we feel sluggish, our bodies feel compressed, and we become disconnected from our bodies because we’re not moving them. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working the 9 to 5er, it’s hard to get the days to flow if there’s little flow in your bod.

Here’s the deal, you don’t have to go to a 90 min. yoga class or a 60 min. spin class to reap the benefits from mindfully moving your body. Even 5 minutes a day can boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and boost positivity…big time!

When my life gets too full to make it too a class, I either like to rock it at-home yoga class style with (an AMAZING streaming online yoga site) or working up a quick sweat with my girl Erin Stutland of Shrink Sessions (online cardio-dance workouts blended with positive affirmations). Your assignment this week is to pick one of these offerings, and to prioritize your workouts. Even if it’s 5 minutes, it’s better than nothing and you will FEEL the difference in body, mind and spirit!

Step 5- Stop, Drop and MEDITATE

Meditation… I know even hearing the word can be intimidating! One of the biggest challenges, ESPECIALLY around the holidays is to quiet that monkey mind of ours.

So, they don’t call it a meditation practice for nothing…but I have to say, even though it can be a challenge to sit quietly for 5 minutes or so, it’s well worth it.

There are so many benefits of meditation, such as lowered blood pressure, less-stress, boosted positivity, and deeper connection to self—and similar to getting your groove on, only 5 minutes a day can do wonders for your health and sanity.

Your action step for today is to meditate at least once a day for the next week… Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. If you find your mind wondering, you can actually say “clear” and come back to your breath. That helps me to wipe out my thoughts.

The other thing you can do is to recite your Positive Power Affirmation that you created during last weeks challenge, to yourself as you’re meditating. This can help focus your thoughts on something that you deeply desire and that is positive.

Set a daily timer in your phone for your meditation break, and feel free to get spontaneous with these as well. I like to meditate while I’m in the bathtub, on the plane, in between clients, or while waiting for an appointment. People just think I’m taking a little snooze, and I feel so much better after!

Step 6 – Journal Joyfully

I have to say, when I’ve been in the habit of journaling, I’ve felt more connected with myself, my life’s purpose and my goals and dreams moving forward. Now is the perfect time to adopt a 5-minute daily journaling practice right before the start of a new year.

Find a pretty journal, and answer the following questions. What went well for you this year? What did you accomplish that you’re super proud of? What areas do you feel you could improve and make changes in your life? What are your deepest desires for 2014? What are some positive action steps you can take to reach these goals?

The end of the year is a great time to reflect over the past year, and gear up for all the forward motion that a new year brings.

So your assignment today is to grab your journal, and take 5 minutes before you go to bed or before you wake, and begin to answer those questions, and also free-write about any thoughts that are swirling around in that head of yours… Get them out on paper and out into the open. You will notice that it will free up so much more space in your brain, and you’ll actually feel lighter, brighter and freer after writing it all out.

Schedule at least one journaling session to complete by the year’s end.

Action Step Recap For Part-2 of your SBL Self-Love Holiday Challenge:

• Shake your tail feathers for at least 5 minutes a day. Check out Yoga Glo or Shrink Sessions for at-home quick and easy workouts.

• Set a timer in your phone to remind you to meditate daily. Get comfy, close your eyes, breathe, and feel the difference.

• Reflect in your journal at least one time before New Year’s Eve, and answer the questions I asked above in Step 6.

Alright loves, get crackin’ on this and have a blessed rest of the year and a gorgeous holiday!

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