How to de-stress, boost positivity & be kind to YOU this holiday season

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Sometimes it can feel challenging to TRULY enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

With all the doing, it can be easy to forget what this time is really about—connection.

Connection with your sweet friends and loved ones…but in order to authentically connect and be present with others, we MUST connect with and LOVE our sweet selves first.

In today’s and next week’s post, I’ll be covering my top 6 strategies to de-stress, boost positivity and be kind to yourself this holiday season…so in the midst of all the hustling, you have the opportunity to SLOW DOWN and carve out a little downtime just for YOU.

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  • Happier and more joyful
  • Less stressed, peaceful and a sense of calm
  • A deeper love for yourself and others
  • Lighter, brighter and more energized
  • Healthier and more connected to your body & mind
  • Freedom and abundance in your life

If you’re your diggin’ feeling any of the positive vibes above, keep reading below for my gift to you, your 2-part SBL Self-Love Holiday Challenge!

Part One of the SBL Holiday Self-Love Challenge

Step 1 – Eat Healthfully

Alright ladies, let’s get real. Most likely, you’re gonna eat more carbs, sweets and dairy at this time of the year…am I right? But here’s the deal…we don’t have to completely neglect all our healthy habits over the holidays. Here are 3 simple healthy food swaps, so you can stay energized, balanced and full of spunk during the winter months…

Pick one of these simple swaps to start implementing pronto, so you can feel more grounded in having your cookie and eating it too…

Step #2 – Get Grateful

With all the to do lists, gifts to buy, and rushing around, we can actually come to resent this time of the year. Instead, let’s get grateful for what we DO have, who we currently are, and embrace the unique gifts that we have to give the world (that money can’t buy).

Let’s let go for the to-do list for a minute, and start a gratitude list instead… I invite you now to quickly jot down 3 things that you’re grateful for, and how that thing, person or activity makes you feel… This could be as simple as, my husband – because he makes me feel loved for exactly who I am—imperfections and all… Or dancing – because it makes me feel alive and connected to my higher-self.

So, I’m going to ask you now to actually stop reading this email, pull out a piece of paper, and jot these things down NOW, cause there’s no time like the present…

Great! Wow, doesn’t that make you feel a little lighter, more connected, more at peace? Repeat this once a day for the next week, and I’d also love for you to share your gratitude list with us daily on the Strong Body Love FB page, so we can offer you our praises and support! Also, you can set a “gratitude timer” in your phone as a reminder to do this daily positive ritual, and feel the joyful shift!

Step #3 – Create Your Positive Power Affirmation

It’s so easy to fall into a negative slump during the holiday season. Flights delayed, crazy traffic, frenzied shoppers, cars stuck in a white slushy mess…etc.

When you find yourself in a not so choice situation, you can always draw on your Positive Power Affirmation to get through the tough stuff with a little more ease.

Here’s mine that I recently created. I LOVE IT. I recite it daily during my morning meditation, but it’s also great if I’m waiting for an appointment, am caught in a long line at the grocery store, or get stuck behind a non-moving vehicle for an extended period of time.

“I release and I LET GO. I trust my innate wisdom, and open up to receiving guidance. I expand in FREEDOM, abundance, success and love everyday, and I inspire those around me who are ready to hear my message to do the same.”

Now this is a LONG one… Yours could be as simple as “I lift any negative thinking, and shift into the positive ” or “ I let go, and I choose love.”

So take a minute or two now, and create your own affirmation that resonates with you. Recite it daily, and feel free to draw on it when the crazy lady comes knockin’ at your door!

Action Step Recap For Part 1 of your SBL Self-Love Holiday Challenge:

  • Pick one healthy food swap to incorporate into your holiday eating routine.
  • Swap out your to-do list with a daily gratitude list
  • Create your Positive Power Affirmation

Alright beauties, get shakin’ and bakin’ on this, and stay tuned for next week’s challenge!

Wishing you calm, happy and loving holiday season,

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