How to Feel Confident – Even in Your B-Day Suit!

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I’m getting married in a couple of months, and I gotta give a shout out to a few of my fellow health coach sisters that gifted me an 80 minute massage + a soak in the Japanese inspired baths at Kabuki Springs Spa here in SF.  So grateful ladies, thank you!

Kabuki is a clothing optional facility on “women only” or “men only” days…meaning, people are walking around fully NEKED.  Awe snap!  While I was soaking away sans clothing, I was thinking to myself, “wow, I really do feel like I’m at this point in my relationship with my body that I don’t give a shiznit about what someone might think of it.”  What’s TRULY important, is how I FEEL living in it.

I’ve got a huge scar on my back from the melanoma I had removed a few years ago, I’ve got cellulite on thighs—just like every other lady out there, and I have 40 residual red bumps on my arms from a frisky mosquito that got into bed with me a couple of weekends ago…and it was SO empowering for me to acknowledge the fact that I feel comfortable in my own skin—scars and mosquito love bites and all.


I was constantly operating from a place of fear, negativity, and resentment. I worried about what others thought of me; ate tons of junk to fill the emotional void; gained the freshman 30; experienced SEVERE anxiety on the regular; and had cystic acne all over my face…wowza!

Unfortunately, THE MAJORITY OF WOMEN TODAY ARE IN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS–WITH THEMSELVES, and are operating from a fear-based place.  So, how do we shift this fear based mentality?


Here are 3 Simple Strategies That Will Help You Shift From The Trash Talking To Loving Your Body Pronto.


Strategy #1:  Practice Daily Positive Affirmation Meditations

Benefits of the practice:

  • Emotional balance
  • Increased immunity
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Calming and spirit lifting
  • Trains our subconscious to think in the positive

Find a comfortable seat in a quite place.  Close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths in and out.  Let all the thoughts of the day go.  Recite the positive affirmation “I choose to appreciate my body for all that it does for me”.  Repeat the affirmation to yourself for a few minutes.  Release the affirmation, and sit mindfully for another minute or two.  Open your eyes and feel the difference!


Strategy #2  Focus On What You DO Like About Your Body

Benefits of the practice:

  • Shifts our mindset to think in the positive
  • Rewires our minds to appreciate our body instead of bashing it
  • Allows us to become more respectful towards our bodies

When you first look at yourself in the mirror, instead of noticing something that you don’t like, notice something that you DO LIKE!  Recite it out loud.  Become more conscious of the words you’re using about your body.  The more negative things you have to say, the more negative things you’ll get back in return, and vice versa.


Strategy #3  Rock out the F-word — Forgive Yourself

Benefits of the practice:

  • Helps us release the blocks that hold us back from not getting what we want
  • Allows us to learn from our mistakes and grow from them

Spend about 5 to 10 min. writing a letter to yourself, forgiving yourself for all the shame, blame, doubt, fears, and guilt that you might have about how you’ve treated yourself and your body.  Burn it or flush it down the toilet afterwards and feel the weight lifted off of your shoulders—and soon after, off your body!

To deepen this work and get into a place of TRULY feeling comfortable in your own skin, I HIGHLY recommend joining our powerful posse of change making women for Body Compassion Boot Camp, my revolutionary 6-week online e-course on how to get a body and life you love, without all the struggling and exhaustion that comes from trying so hard to “make” weight-loss happen. The course starts August 13th and our $50 off early lovebird discount expires next Tuesday the 30th at midnight PST.  Get your BCBC discount and register here.


To You and Your B-day Suit,

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