Why Diets Don’t Work

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I wonder how many of these DIE-it things we’re gonna have to try before we finally understand that they don’t work?! They don’t call it a diet for nothing, cause we’re killing ourselves while we’re on them!

So let’s UN-diet and LIVE-it instead…ya feelin’ me?

So why don’t diets work? Well, diets are designed to deprive us, force us into something unnatural, and we’re usually approaching the process from a place of desperation as well. No fun at all! Also, when we diet, we’re usually only focusing on the food and the physical piece, but not the emotional piece. The latter actually uncovers why perhaps we’ve gained weight in the first place, which is crucial to long lasting results. In my humble opinion this is really where the weight loss process must begin from to get the transformation to stick long term.


At Strong Body Love, we always approach weight loss from the inside out. We check in and uncover some of the hidden disempowering beliefs that we have around our bodies, rewrite our stories to become positive rather than negative, accept our bodies and become realistic of what they’re capable of, get clear on what our vision is for our body in the future, and WHY specifically we want to get to that vision. What is losing 20 lbs going to do for you? If we can get clear on all this and address the WHOLE picture, then the weight will be released, because your mind and your body are both OK with letting it go… So I invite you to Un-Diet and Live-it instead. You can do eeet!

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