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A gentle detox program designed to flush excess toxins from your system, and help you feel and look amazing in the coming months ahead!  The whole-foods cleanse focuses on introducing fun and new ways of eating clean, mostly plant-based foods, so you won’t go hungry.  I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not interested in not eating!


Think of your body like a car.  It needs a flush-out every couple of months, which will allow it to run more smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.  This is the perfect program to jump-start your body into healthier eating, feeling, and being.  And, what’s rad about it is that you can start it at any time!

The program consists of a 3-day prep period, 8 cleanse days, and a 3-day post-cleanse period, so that you’re ready to sustain your new healthy habits, and the result will be a more energetic and productive you!


Weight Loss • Increased energy and mental clarity • Clear, glowing skin • Boosted immune system • Enhanced digestive function • Improved sinus congestion or allergies • Reduction of PMS symptoms • Alleviation of joint pain or headaches • Balanced moods and better sleep • Preparation for healthy pregnancy


  • 45 min. pre-recorded prep call with Ashley 
  • Quick & simple recipes for each meal of the 8-day cleanse
  • Complete and easy to follow shopping list
  • Healthy snack, dessert, and beverage recipes
  • Email support from your health coach
  • Healthy exercise guidelines and self-care tips
  • Quick food prep strategies
  • Private 30 min. follow-up phone coaching session with Ashley (valued at $95)

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I’ve been working with Ashley Burnett for 2 years now, and she is amazing!  I always leave my sessions feeling like a new person.  I also recently did Ashley’s “Reboot Your Bod” cleanse, and it was such an awesome experience.  All the recipes were delicious, and I’m still making them for my family today!  And since everything was already planned out for me ahead of time, it made it really easy to stick to, and I had no room to make any bad decisions.  The cleanse made me feel great and lose weight too!  Thanks Ashley!

Ana M., Director of Strategy, Gap, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Since doing Ashley’s cleanse, I have more energy, my clothes are fitting looser, my skin looks better, and I’m not craving cheese as much!  By doing Ashley’s program, I’ve discovered great alternatives to help me eat healthier for the long haul, and as a result I’m feeling great!

Leigh Riley, choreographer and owner, The Riley Project, San Francisco, CA


This do-it-yourself program is easily mapped out for you to complete at your convenience.  Pick a two-week period that works for you, and have at it!  The reason you’ll need to reserve two weeks is because I’ve incorporated three pre- and post-cleanse days to help your body ease in and out of the program.

During the pre- and post-cleanse periods, and for the duration of the program, you’ll be focusing on cutting out “The 6-To-Skip”, (sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, and uber-processed foods).  I know it sounds like a challenge, and it is, but you’ll be amazed at the abundance of foods that you WILL be eating on the program!
The first few days of the cleanse, you’ll be eating vegan-based foods, such as soups, salads, and scrumptious smoothies. For the latter portion, you’ll be adding back in wild-caught fish, gluten-free grains, and organic chicken, to help set you up for success moving forward.

And, if you’re traveling, busy, or you’re just not that into cooking, feel free to use the recipes as a suggested meal plan, and pick up something similar at Whole Foods, or the like.

I can assure you, you’ll love the recipes and you won’t go hungry!  And, because this is a gentle cleanse, you won’t have to visit the ladies room every other minute if you know what I mean… I’m not gonna lie, it is possible you may experience a mild detox symptom at the beginning of the program, such as a mild headache or fatigue, but this is a good thing!  It means the program is working and that your body is releasing toxins.  These symptoms will pass in a day or two, and midway through the cleanse you’ll feel AMAZING, have lots of energy, and feel like a better version of you.


Cleansing and whole foods nutrition are one of the most important and significant ways we can improve our overall health.  Healthy eating and lifestyle choices are our greatest way to fight back against disease and illness.  Take it from me:  I healed my gallbladder naturally after shifting my diet and lifestyle—going from having 7 severe gallbladder attacks in one year at age 28, to not having an attack in 3 years!  Yes, it is possible to feel great and heal ourselves naturally from the inside out!

Thousands of various chemicals have been intentionally added to our food and water supply, and of course in the air we breathe…  In order to fight back and regain control of our health, it’s mandatory that we do regular cleansing.  We need to give our precious organs such as our liver, kidneys, and our gut a break from working so hard to flush out the toxic buildup in our bodies.

We can help make that process easier for them by doing a whole foods, mostly plant-based detox 2 to 3 times per year. Not only will your internal body thank you, but your external body and mind will as well, and you’ll be lighter, feel brighter, more energized, etc.!

If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, achy joints, bloated, heavy, and just overall not great, this program is for you! And, what’s fantastic is that the detox helps you to instill these healthy eating and self-care habits for the long haul, so you can feel the way you REALLY want to feel, and be on your way to optimal balanced health.  You can do eeeet!

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