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I’ve been designing jewelry for the past four years, and really wanted to incorporate my love of a little bling into the Strong Body Love brand.  Encouraging women to discover and embrace their most beautiful selves inside is a primary goal of mine, and rockin’ out your own individual style is part of that journey.  So, I wanted to make it part of the SBL mission to offer unique and meaningful high-quality pieces, that have each been individually handcrafted with love in San Francisco for you…  I hope you enjoy!

Lucky You Necklace

necklace strong body love jewelry

You’re in luck!  A sweet sterling silver hammered lucky horseshoe is attached to dainty 14K goldfill chain.  A great everyday necklace, and perfect for layering too. Lays beautifully mid-décolleté. $54.00 Click Here to Purchase.

Love Much Affirmation Necklace

necklace strong body love jewelry

24K Gold Overlay Circle Pendant (stamped with the affirmation “Love Much”), is attached to dainty 14K goldfill chain.  Necklace is perfect for every day wear.  Also available stamped in the affirmations “Live Well”, “Be Grateful” and “Dream Big”.  Circle pendant is ¾ inches in diameter.  $58.00  Click Here to Purchase.

SBL Sweetheart Necklace


A simple and sweet handcrafted 14K goldfill wire heart is attached to thin 14 K goldfill chain. This piece is perfect for layering with other necklaces or simply stands on it’s own. Necklace is adjustable. Available in Sterling Silver as well.  $42.00  Click Here to Purchase.