Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.


I’m Ashley Burnett, Transformational Coach & Personal Branding Strategist for Women Wellness Entrepreneurs, Wellness lover, and mover & shaker.


I’m here to help you embody your truth, and to unapologetically speak it and share it through your most precious instrument, your body.  I’m passionate about arming you ambitious welleness lovers with YOUR “self-love toolbelt of armor”.  It’s so easy for us to show up for our clients, and our businesses, and the important people in our lives…but, we too must walk our talk, so we can show up for all the people that we are meant to serve, tenfold. My goal is to help you consciously connect to your “love temple”, so you can feel empowered, confident, sexy, and fully live the life you were meant to rock out!

Growing up in rural Illinois in the good old Midwest of A, I didn’t exactly pay close attention to what I was putting in my body.  However, when I wasn’t dancing, singing, or acting, I was kicking it in the kitchen with my pop.  My awesome dad, Tommy B., taught me about the importance of good food—where to get it, how to grow it, and how to prepare it.  His passion for farmers’ markets, gardening, and cooking, quickly became mine.  This passion now fuels my desire to help women get reacquainted with their bodies–what they’re putting in them and how they’re treating them.

The Mess and The Stress…

In high-school, despite the farmers’ market fun, I was an absolute candy freakaholic. I was 100% addicted to sugar (I actually gave it up for Lent every year), loved processed and fried foods, and was eating to cover up feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

Halfway through my first year of college I had gained the freshman 30, (even as a dance major), had no energy, was overweight, and had cystic acne all over my face.  In other words, I was feeling drop dead sexy—Not!

After I graduated, I lived in Chi-town for 3 years and, during that time, I was downright miserable. I was overcome with severe anxiety (not being able to step foot on an airplane), was consistently in a nasty mood, and was just not feeling my life.

So, I new it was time for a change.  I started reading tons of health food books and couldn’t get my hands off of them.  Then, I moved out west to that beloved city by the bay.  That’s when I made a pact with myself that I was going to put in the effort to actually pay attention to my body, and to finally feel good in it!!!

The Success…

I slowly started learning the secrets of transformation by showing myself some compassion for once, cutting out addictive foods, and by focusing on ME—and the pounds started melting off.  I quickly lost my college “baby weight” going from a size 16 to an 8, my skin completely cleared up, I had more clarity than I had had in years, and I started feeling like myself again!  Most importantly…

I actually began to LOVE my body and my SELF!

And, people started sharing the love.  Friends and complete strangers would come up to me and say, “you look amazing; your skin is glowing; you look great; what are you doing?”  Not gonna lie; I was lovin’ that, AND I felt great, and empowered.  Booyah!

A couple of years into my health crusade, I was diagnosed with hereditary gallbladder disease.  It was a bit of a shocker for this health-nut, but it ran in the family.  I was on the operating table to get my sweet little organ removed, and had a change of heart.  I thought to myself: Well, if I really believe in this holistic health thing, I guess I should probably try to heal my GB naturally…so, I did!  I had 7 severe gallbladder attacks that first year, and have not had a single attack in nearly 4 years since I jumped off that table.  I actually healed that bad boy naturally with a shift in diet and lifestyle.  So, I’m a true testament of how it’s possible to heal the body with a little focused LOVE and some healthy eats!

Because I knew firsthand how crappy it felt to be in pain in my body, in many different ways, and after all my natural healing escapades, I ended up going back to school to became a certified holistic health coach, and absolutely fell in love with the work.

And, this is why I’m here writing to you today—to serve and support you in taking back the power of your own beautiful body, and its innate ability to heal, transform, and thrive!  And, to help you fall in LOVE with YOU and your wonderful LIFE…because you so deserve it!

Much love, health, and happy times to you,

Professional Bio

Ashley Burnett is a certified health coach, business & branding strategist for women wellness entrepreneurs, motivational speaker, and is founder of the virtual health & wellness company Strong Body Love.  She inspires ambitious, change-making women to fully love their bodies and their personal brands so they can live the lives of their wildest dreams.  Ashley leads highly effective one-on-one programs, live VIP experiential retreats, and group coaching programs that teach women how to fall in love with themselves, get clear on their purpose and big mission, and discover their radiant personal brands, so they can stand out from the masses in business, and rock out the lives they were truly meant to live!

Ashley grew up singing, dancing, and acting in the Midwest.  She majored in dance in college, and danced professionally for 10 years in Chicago and SF.  As she was fulfilling her dream of a career on the stage, she also ran a successful massage therapy practice and dabbled in jewelry design.  She then went back to school at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach, and never looked back! She is trained in the Transformational Coaching Method and has mentored with some of the most sought out coaches for wellness entrepreneurs in the country and around the globe. Ashley created Strong Body Love as a means to connect all her body-related passions, and to offer the highest quality wellness services to the public.  With her down-to-earth sense of humor, Ashley inspires the masses to take full ownership of their body, their business and their personal brands.